Sustainable Travel: What is Ecotourism and Why is it so Important?

We are living in a very important stage in the history of human existence. People who travel are increasing every year, and there is more environmental uncertainty than ever before. Many people access it at a time and therefore mass tourism is becoming an ever-growing issue. Hence, would the best solution to protect the environment be to diminish traveling altogether? Not at all. But what is ecotourism and why is it so important?


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At times like these, we need to travel more responsibly and sustainably. Not just as an individual responsibility but travel agencies play a major role in promoting ecotourism. Well, no one understands it better than My Travel Case since being the Best Travel Agency in India, they always make sure the travel is planned in the most environment-friendly manner.

This is where the concept of ecotourism comes into play. We are going to discuss everything about it in detail.

What do you know about ecotourism?

Ecotourism is characterized as “the travel industry organized towards more colorful natural atmospheres, planned to aid in the protection of wildlife and celebrate natural fauna”.

It is, maybe, summarized far superior and in the simpler ways by Megan Epler Wood, who is currently the director of Harvard’s International Sustainable Tourism. She portrays ecotourism as “travel with the responsibility to natural territories that monitors and protects the environment, improves the welfare and prosperity of neighborhood individuals”.

Environmental pollution and over-tourism are much bigger issues in the world than ever before. It is important to understand that when we travel, we need to be more conscious and environmentally diligent. Therefore, ecotourism has never been so significant as it was ever before.


What is Ecotourism


Significance of ecotourism

There were more than 4 billion aircraft travelers in 2017 alone! That contributes to the heck of serious carbon emissions and an entire heap of environmental pollution and the destruction of natural habitats. Though, the airports and several airlines have adopted the steps in the correct direction to lower the effects of gloomy environmental air transportation that has been caused on the world, the huge number of air passengers which keeps on increasing year by year, and hence maximized the need of adopting Ecotourism.

There are a majority of best travel places which are not financially so good and don’t have requisite resources in place to cope up with the huge deluges of passengers each year. Due to this, the localities can endure great financial hardship, waste material can’t be recycled or disposed of, and this way it can cause water supplies to get polluted and damage natural habitats.

Regularly in more unfortunate, ill-equipped destinations, environmental deterioration will be exceedingly frightful and the point is, a large number of the travelers that visit just won’t realize the decimation they’re causing.

Just as regional localities and wild-life creatures being affected adversely, nearby communities likewise go through financial troubles, since most of the money rolling in from the travel industry is generally not pointed towards them directly or indirectly.


What is Ecotourism


What are the benefits of ecotourism?

Now that, we have taken a look at Ecotourism’s importance which was directly aimed towards preventing the adverse effects. So, let’s check out the benefits of ecotourism.

   1. It helps in keeping the environment neat and clean

We live in a beautiful world and need its resources to live and survive, therefore it’s our responsibility to keep it beautiful as it is supposed to be. I want you to imagine a beautiful person with a perfect body and beautiful skin. Now, let’s assume that a person starts taking junk and oily food regularly. After a couple of weeks of hotdogs, french-fries, and Momos, he/she will start going through changes; the beautiful body and skin will drastically change. I hope, you are getting my point.

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and Book your cheap Flight Ticket today!

You can imagine this is exactly what we are doing to this planet. If we are going to continue doing the same thing, we are not smart and won’t do any good for the health and prosperity of our future generations. Being the Top Travel Agent in Chandigarh, we are working towards so people can realize the importance of travel that is free from destruction to the environment.

We need to think for the long term, not for the short term for the sake of the world.


What is Ecotourism


  2. It educates people about nature and the environment

As more and more travelers choose ecotourism, the more it helps in raising awareness and more people get to know about it.

As we all know that through education any problem can be solved. By saying that, it does not mean I am talking about learning in a classroom. This is about real-world education here. So, what are you waiting for, tell a few friends about ecotourism and tell them to pass on the message to their friends? This way, the lesson can be taught to everyone around the world.


What is Ecotourism


3. It helps in providing financial help to localities and wildlife conservation

While ecotourism helps provide financial help to localities and wildlife conservation, one of the biggest problems with average tourism is that the business is often taken out of the hands of the local community and put into the lap of large organizations.

Technically, this is one of the biggest causes of the destruction of a natural exotic environment, because the majority of the companies engage in unethical ways for the sole purpose of making extra profit. However, if tourist attractions and wildlife conservation are transferred back to the pockets of locals, it would help develop these communities and help promote more sustainable travel.


What is Ecotourism



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