Take a Closer Look at Omega Seamaster Watches

As you grow older, you probably realized how hard it is to earn money so you now do away from spending unnecessarily. Clothing and cosmetic stores used to be your haven but now you rarely visit them. Moreover, you now choose to stay at home rather than traveling to different places.  The reason behind these changes might be because of the sudden realization that they are no longer of great value to your money.

Are you looking for investment opportunities to see your money grow?   The majority of working adults invest in luxury watches because they can appreciate value. For instance, if you buy one today, you can sell it some time in the future at a higher price than the original selling price. The Omega Seamaster watches are good watches to start your watch collection journey. Keep reading to take a closer look at its models, history, and features.


A brief history of Omega Seamaster

Watch collectors consider Omega Seamaster as a diving and watersports watch. For ordinary people who love watching movies, they may identify it as the “James Bond” watch. The Seamaster is the longest-running collection that can cater to different tastes, preferences, and lifestyles because of its varied line of Omega watches. It includes different movements too, such as manual winding, automatic winding, and quartz winding. Let’s take a closer look at its 70-year history that made it one of the most successful Omega watches today.

The Omega Seamaster in its early years

For almost a century, timepieces produced by all watch manufacturers were easily susceptible to water damage. Because of this, people used to remove their wristwatches when they perform daily activities that include the use of water, such as handwashing. To address this problem, Omega made the Seamaster available in the market in 1948 during its 100th century. To craft this watch, the company drew inspiration from the waterproof watches made for the British navy during world war II. The original model was resistant to water of up to 10-30 meter depth which became possible because of its O-ring gasket. Throughout the years, Omega manufactured new watches that could withstand deeper water activities, like diving. 

Omega Seamaster dubbed as the James Bond watch

You might be wondering why people often associate the Seamaster with the fictional character, James Bond. It all started in 1955 when Pierce Brosnan, who played the role of James Bond, wore Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M Quartz in the movie GoldenEye. Lindy Hemming, the costume designer of the movie, thought that it would be fitting for Commander Bond, a naval man, to wear the sophisticated diving watch. Since the Seamaster’s appearance in six movies, it gained significant popularity among the masses.

Omega Seamaster today

Omega recently launched 13 new watches including a slew of new Seamaster. The company has new timepieces to offer in the market and they have noteworthy features that will attract collectors’ interests, such as the Seamaster 300 with a bronze-gold alloy and the all-black Seamaster 300M diver. Omega proudly announced that these watches passed a series of tests making them Master Chronometer Certified. This certification shows that the released watches have impressive qualities.


The best Omega Seamaster watches to buy in 2021

  • Seamaster 300

The Seamaster 300 is among the most popular and respected watches in the collection since 1957. After decades of its existence in the market, it is still one of the items you can see in every collection of watch enthusiasts. For the 2021 edition, Omega introduced a new version of the Seamaster 300 that retains the Arabic numerals while reintroducing its iconic central-seconds hand on the stainless steel. Compared to the older models with 29.5 mm dial, the 2021 version has a 30.4 mm dial with a case measuring 41 mm in diameter while making its case thinner. The case used to measure 15 mm but now it is down to 13.8 mm. The company made several improvements in this new model which includes a Super-Luminova base layer covered with the bronze dial. It comes with a price tag of $6 150.

  • Seamaster Diver 300M Black Black

Aside from the Seamaster 300, Omega also made an upgrade of its most popular dive watch, namely Seamaster Diver 300M Black. Looking at this new edition, it still has the same design and functionality as the original watch. The only difference is that the former has now a black rubber strap and a polished-brushed case made from black ceramic. Besides that, almost every detail on the black ceramic dial underwent the process of laser ablation and the diving scale has now an anthracite Superluminova making the watch stand out from the rest of the collection. The price of this watch is $8 650.

  • Seamaster Aqua Terra

The 2021 line-up includes this Seamaster Aqua Terra for ladies. It looks elegant with its diamond hour markers and rubies, and bold color. In addition to this, it has a polished bezel set with diamonds and a symmetrical case body. It is in stainless steel with 18K Sedna gold and it measures 34 mm which is just the right fit for most girls. The new version has a diamond polished central hour/minute and seconds hands. Its refined elegance makes it the best choice for formal events.

  • Seamaster Planet Ocean chronograph

The Seamaster Planet Ocean chronograph has better water resistance and appears bulkier, and more rugged than its older versions. When buying a planet ocean, it is best to choose the one with a 45.5m titanium case with a gray dial and orange accents. The colors of the strap exceptionally match that of the dial. In the previous decades, the standard practice to maintain the quality of the watch is to never operate its complication at depth. But now, the new Omega Seamaster chronograph pushers will allow you to operate the chronograph feature even if you are underwater. 


In a Nutshell

Omega used to focus on diving watches in its early years in the watch industry but it now offers elegant sports watches and vintage-inspired timepieces for casual and everyday use. When you buy one, you are not just wearing a tool telling the time, but you are also showcasing the rich history of the company. So get one now from TheWatchCompany.com!

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