Taking Good Care of Yourself as a Woman: 6 Essential Tips

When it comes to health, most of us are well aware of the habits we should adopt such as drinking enough water, getting enough sleep at night, managing stress, engaging in some physical activity, and eating right. But there are other essential habits every woman should incorporate into her life to ensure good health and hygiene such as visiting your OB-GYN regularly and getting a physical from your medical care provider. So, on that note, here are 6 tips every woman needs to know to properly take care of herself daily. 


  • Develop a Proper Skincare Routine 

The first step to taking care of yourself properly is to develop a skincare routine that’s right for your skin type, and we don’t just mean facial products. You need to understand what products are best suited for your body, your hair, your nails, and even your intimate areas.

If you don’t do your research to find the best formulas for your skin, you can end up doing more harm than good to your complexion and your health. So get started with the right skincare products that are suitable for your skin, especially if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin. When getting spray tan, make sure you do it with a professional. Can’t find one? Do not fret! Get your tanning schedule here.


Taking Good Care of Yourself as a Woman: 6 Essential Tips


  • Always Use Fresh, Clean Towels

Reusing towels may help conserve water in the washing machine, but there are some areas where this might cause an infection. When it comes to your intimate area, avoid using the same towel twice. These towels tend to accumulate bacteria which then leads to infections. Make sure that you use a fresh, clean towel after every shower. 

  • Avoid Harsh Cleansers and Soaps 

Excessive exfoliation strips your skin of its natural oils which are there as a protective barrier. Many people aren’t aware of the ingredients these harsh cleansers and soaps are formulated with and then run the risk of irritating their skin. Especially after shaving or waxing, many women don’t understand how fragile the skin is at that point and can end up putting harsh chemicals onto areas that may already have some redness and ultimately will end up swelling.

It’s also important to note that frequent douching is not a good idea for women. Your private parts have the ability to self-clean and rid themselves of germs and bacteria; therefore, douching or using harsh soaps can actually affect this natural process and your pH balance. 

When it comes to hair removal or other habits that help women’s hygiene, it may be best to leave it to the professionals. Some over-the-counter hair removal creams may contain harsh ingredients that damage the skin. That’s why the specialists at LightRx recommend you consult a professional to find the right treatment plan for you.

This way you will learn the best hair removal process for your skin and how to soothe the area afterward. The same applies when looking for skincare treatments; you should always consult a dermatologist first before trying any new treatment, even non-invasive procedures. 


Taking Good Care of Yourself as a Woman: 6 Essential Tips


  • Don’t Forget About The Little Things

There’s so much emphasis on good hair and skincare, but not much on certain areas such as the neck, hands, and even nails. Too many women ignore these vital areas when they’re young and the truth is, to take care of yourself, you need to prioritize all areas of your body. Make sure you invest in quality hand cream, nail care, and moisturize your neck as well as your face. 

  • Wear Breathable Underwear 

Another pro tip to take better care of yourself is to stick to cotton underwear. Breathable underwear allows your intimate area to breathe and cotton is absorbent which will protect you from yeast infections. This is even more essential if you live in a hot climate where there’s a lot of humidity. 

  • Know Your Ingredients

You need to know what the right ingredients are to put in and on your body. You can put all the healthy formulated ingredients from avocado oil to honey in your hair, but there isn’t much point if you don’t also consume these same healthy ingredients. It’s important to pay as much attention to what you eat as you do to what ingredients are in the products you buy. Nourishment must come from within in order to feel healthy inside and out. 


Taking Good Care of Yourself as a Woman: 6 Essential Tips


All life improvements start with your health. We now are very well informed on the importance of prioritizing our mental and physical health, so we need to apply the same dedication to our bodies and skin. Health and hygiene go hand in hand; not to mention it does wonders for your confidence. Every woman should practice self-care, and with these 6 tips, you will ensure you are well taken care of every day.

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