Teeth and Health: Why Is It Important to Take Care of Your Mouth

Everybody knows that taking care of their teeth is of huge importance if they want to stay healthy. It is widely known that the mouth is perceived as the gateway to our overall health. So are there any consequences if we do not take care of it?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It can lead to many different, potentially serious health problems, which is why it’s crucial to have good dental hygiene. If you’re looking for a professional and reputable dentist, check out dentist near me white plains.

So what does oral hygiene involve? It normally involves things like flossing and brushing, as well as having regular dental exams to make sure that everything is okay. Today, in this article we will provide you with some facts that will accentuate how essential it is to take care of your teeth.


njkj Take Care of Your Mouth


Top Reasons Why Dental Hygiene Is Important

1. It Impacts Your Overall Health

Your mouth can be defined as the door to internal areas of your body. Besides that, precisely by looking at it, you can detect early symptoms of some systemic illnesses. For instance, diabetes can become evident as a mouth lesion or any other dental issue.

Many studies have shown that people who do not properly take care of their teeth are at a greater risk of having heart issues. Namely, according to these studies, periodontal disease leads to increased inflammation of the body, and chronic inflammation can potentially affect other parts of your body, including your heart.

Aside from heart illnesses and diabetes, there are other health issues that can be caused by poor dental hygiene and they include:

  1. Bacterial Pneumonia
  2. Complications during pregnancy
  3. Low Birth Weight
  4. Infective Endocarditis 
  5. Sepsis
  6. Cancer

2. It Can Affect Your Immune System

As it was previously mentioned, your mouth is the door to other parts of your body and through it, many “unwanted guests” can enter. One of them is mouth bacteria which makes the gums sensitive and can cause bleeding.

Periodontal disease along with different infectious diseases can “join forces” to lower your immune system and at the same time, increase your chances of having the flu or common cold. So can you boost your immune system if you take care of your teeth?

The answer is not quite, however, there are some things you can do to support oral health. Luckily, nowadays you can easily stumble upon a reputable modern & affordable dental clinic where you will be able to get a regular checkup to see if your teeth are fine. Besides that, make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day.


Teeth and Health: Why Is It Important to Take Care of Your Mouth


What Else Needs To Be Known?

It Prevents Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is certainly the most common issue that strikes both kids and adults. One of the main reasons it occurs is due to poor dental hygiene. It leads to a plague pileup that causes gum infection or severe tooth decay which eventually leads to tooth loss.

If you want to decrease plaque buildup then you should focus on regular brushing and flossing your teeth. Now, as it was previously stated, even though these things are extremely beneficial for your teeth, they are simply not enough.

If you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to take care of your teeth, then you should visit the Elgin dentist at least twice a year. This is crucial if you want to make sure that gum lines and difficult-to-reach teeth are not loaded with tartar and plaque. 


Teeth and Health: Why Is It Important to Take Care of Your Mouth


Poor Oral Hygiene Can Lead To Oral Cancer

We frequently read about different types of cancer, but it’s quite rare that someone mentions oral cancer. What is it and who is at risk? The name says everything. Logically, that’s the type of cancer that appears in your mouth.

It occurs when some cells in the mouth become abnormal and start to grow and spread. Once that happens these abnormal cells start attacking healthy ones and damaging surrounding tissues.

Oral cancers can be divided into three main areas: the tongue, inside the mouth, and the lips. Besides these areas, this type of cancer can also be seen in the throat, in the area also known as the Oropharynx. 

Even though it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have poor oral hygiene that you will get this type of cancer, you are certainly at a higher risk, especially if you’re smoking as well. 

Even though most of us are aware of the fact of how important it is to take care of our teeth, sometimes, we need a reminder that will provide us with all the essential information related to this topic and that’s precisely what this article did.

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