The 5 Best reasons To Retire To Marbella, Spain

Spain is a top destination for tourists from all over the world. They flock there to enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine, beautiful beaches, and laid-back vibes for a couple of weeks before returning home. Once you go to Marbella in Southern Spain, you’ll wonder why you should even go home at all.

Life is easy there and it makes a wonderful location to retire to. If you are looking for a great place to retire then we’ll go over several of the reasons that you should have Marbella on your list.


The 5 Best reasons To Retire To Marbella, Spain


1 – It’s very affordable

You may not be expecting to live in luxury when you have a fixed income in your retirement, but you will find that luxury costs less here. For instance, these new developments has for sale would cost far more if they were located in California, for example.

Real estate values do continue to rise, so you will find your property increasing in value over the years in case you want to sell eventually or to take out some equity.

The cost of living overall is also considerably lower than a similar type of area in the US or Canada. Property taxes are not very high as is the cost of things like eating out and groceries.

2 – A transportation hub 

Getting in and out of Marbella is also very easy. If you plan to do a lot of traveling around Europe then this is a great base of operations as you will find low-cost flights all over the continent.

If you plan to only live part of the year in Marbella and the rest of the year close to your family and friends back home then it is essential to be near an airport. The closest one to Marbella is only a forty-minute drive.

There are also trains and buses that will bring you all over Spain and Portugal quickly and cheaply.

3 – Expat friendly

Although you are off the tourist path, you have a lot of ability to speak English with the locals while you learn Spanish. There are a lot of expats around from the US, Britain, and Australia that will give you an immediate social circle so you can have people to entertain at your home and enjoy some company in your native language.


The 5 Best reasons To Retire To Marbella, Spain


4 – Great healthcare

Although you won’t be on the national health system unless you are a Spanish citizen and pay into their social security system, you will still get access to exceptional healthcare.

The doctors there often speak great English and even still do house calls. If you have an emergency you are close to a modern hospital with all the latest in healthcare technology and medicine.

5 – The weather 

If you love the outdoors but hate being cold then Marbella is an ideal location. It averages over 300 sunny days per year and the average temperature in the winter is around 18°C. This makes it ideal for year-round cycling, hiking, and gardening.


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