The 5 Most Popular Exterior House Colors for Your Renovation

You’re ready to renovate your home, either to update its appearance or to get it ready for sale. But wait—what about your home’s exterior? Updating the exterior paint color can vastly improve your curb appeal and make your house stand out.

That said, there are a lot of colors to choose from, and choosing the wrong color can have a negative impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Don’t worry; we’ll cover the most popular exterior house colors that are always a safe bet.


1. Natural Blues 

Colors that match nature almost always look good on homes, especially in suburban neighborhoods. Tranquil, soothing colors like blue are among the most popular exterior house colors homeowners choose. Think waterfront shades that remind you of lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Opt for shades in the blue-gray range as these complement all styles. Similarly, you can mix these shades with other available options. To ease your job, professionals offer color consultation services. You can learn more about the same here!

2. Ivory and Off-White

White homes look clean and classic, and white pairs well with every other color. Consider pairing white with charcoal gray or shades of blue for a bit of variety that makes your home instantly stand out.

Bright white can sometimes appear sterile, so you might want to choose off-white colors or ivory tones.


The 5 Most Popular Exterior House Colors for Your Renovation


3. Going Green

Natural shades of green make lovely exterior house colors. If you’re looking for unique house color ideas outside of the traditional options, you might want to go green.

Shades of green are particularly good choices for homes in the woods or near nature. You’re improving your home’s exterior without clashing with the environment, which benefits the value of your house and the neighborhood overall.

Avoid neon shades and colors that are too bright. Use a color visualizer to get a better idea of how a particular paint will look.

4. Coastal Shades 

If you’re lucky enough to own a home on the water, you might want to choose coastal shades. Seaside-inspired themes have been popular for decades, but you need to do it right.

Shades of blue work well here. Since blue is one of the most popular house colors, you’ll have plenty of variations to choose from. For a classic living on the water look, pair nautical blues with white.

Other popular coastal shades? Sandy beige and cheery yellow. If you’re nervous about using too much color, consider painting the trim and windows and the front door in a coastal color and opting for a neutral tone for the siding.

5. Shades of Gray

You can’t go wrong with a neutral shade like gray. These days, there are plenty of exterior paint colors in gray that contain subtle undertones.

One of the best exterior house colors is a nice shade of gray with blue undertones. The ever-popular “greige,” a combination of beige and gray, also makes an excellent choice.

Look here for more inspiration on the most popular colors for resale value.


You Can’t Go Wrong With These Popular Exterior House Colors

If you’re worried about making a mistake or you have trouble picking colors, go with one of these popular exterior house colors. All of these choices make safe bets if you plan to resell your home.

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