The Art that is, Backsplash Glass Tiles

There was a time when kitchen countertop material was used as a go-to solution for the backsplash areas. If it was a marble countertop, the same marble was continued in the backsplash area. It was either that or the entire backsplash area was simply painted or covered. In the 21st century though, this has entirely changed. An innovative and trendy range of material has stormed the home decor ensemble. One of the most trending approaches towards backsplash areas is the use of backsplash glass tiles. I would personally recommend them as I’ve been ardently using that in my home for years and I totally love them!

The best reason to use these backsplash glass tiles is that they reflect light in the purest of ways. The luminescent is such that often dim spaces look brightened up by using these tiles.

Moreover, these backsplash glass tiles are easy to maintain as well. Unlike the horizontal surface, the vertical areas are not used that often. To add more to it, glass is an ideal material for quick cleaning, which makes it more than adequate for your kitchen and bathroom backsplash areas.


Are Backsplash Glass Tiles A Trend To Stay?

Many a time we design our homes with a thoughtful eye towards the latest trends. Over the years, many of these trends start fleeting away. Now, you might question, will backsplash glass tiles also be yet another fleeting phenomenon or are they here to stay?

Well, my answer and several other designers also say that backsplash glass tiles will be a trending phenomenon for years to come. Although, I would recommend you to always go for your likings and instincts rather than just blindly following the trends.
Many interior designers quote that subway backsplash glass tiles are an evergreen element. Even ceramic and luminescent glass tiles are here to stay. Talking about other trends, pencil tiles and laser-cut geometric tiles are likely to stay here for the coming decades too.


backsplash glass


Tips on How You Can Place Your Backsplash Glass Tiles

  • Continue the use of Backsplash Glass Tiles in the Ceiling – If you have a bathroom or a kitchen area that lacks adequate natural light, you can use this idea. The luminescence created by these glass tiles can light up your area and provide a soothing vibe.
  • Use either very large or very small sizes in Glass Subway Tiles – Instead of using the large subway tiles, you can use tiny mosaic tiles or very large individual tiles to form an interesting geometry. This can help in rethinking the classic subway look.
  • Contrasting Grout – The beauty is in the details.
    Using the proper grout also has a lasting impression on how your backsplash glass tiles would look. Using a contrasting grout rather than the traditional white grout can be an ideal addition to enhance the finish of your tiles. If you have glass tiles then a darker grout creates an aesthetic contrast. Plus, it also ensures that your spaces are cleaned easily.
  • Using Recycled Glass – If you believe in sustainability and environmentally-friendly methods, using recycled glass can be the ideal ‘green’ choice for your home. They have a unique appearance and thus, they enhance your kitchen spaces artistically.

Backsplash glass tiles are available in a wide range of variety, textures, and colors to suit every home decor palette. As much as aesthetic these tiles are, they are also the right choice from the functionality aspect. So if you have not used them yet, it’s highly recommended to incorporate backsplash glass tiles in your home right away and see the difference!


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