The Autumnal Garden Maintenance Jobs that You Can’t Afford to Forget

Autumn is here, there’s a sudden chill in the air and all those wonderful summer days we’ve enjoyed this year seem like a rather distant memory already. Speaking of the summer just gone, there’s a good chance you used your garden quite a lot these past few months – what with all the nice weather and our collective post-lockdown zest to get outside and enjoy life again.

If, like many, you’re hoping for another garden-heavy summer next year, you need to think about looking after it in the meantime so it’s ready to go come to that first ray of warm sunshine in 2022.

With that in mind, here are four things you should be doing ahead of shutting down for winter.

The Autumnal Garden Maintenance Jobs that You Can’t Afford to Forget


Look after your decking and outbuildings

Consider the likes of dead leaves and the general autumnal mush and sludge that comes with them your mortal enemy heading into winter. If you’ve got a shed, greenhouse, patio, decking, or any other fixed garden structures, you’ll want to do your best to keep them clear and clean not only now but throughout the winter.

Your outbuildings can be susceptible to cold weather and dirt, so keeping them as clear from autumn debris as possible will not only help the spring clean-up go more smoothly but also prevent damage in the meantime.

The final lawn cut

While your grass has likely all but given up on growing for the year, it’s a good idea to give it one last cut before the wet and cold sets in. If we have a dry winter ahead, bear in mind the grass will still need watering to avoid brown spots. You’ll want to check regularly for any resilient winter weed growth too.


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Cover up the outdoor furniture

Just as with your outbuildings, your furniture will not be a fan of the colder, more abrasive weather. Indeed, your furniture is more likely to be damaged from the wet and cold than anything else. Put summer to one side and clear away all the furniture that came with it. If you don’t have anywhere to put it, make sure it’s covered as best as possible or you could be forking out for new essentials next spring.

Take care of your plant pots

If you’re thinking from a more horticultural perspective, you’ll want to ensure your pots and planters are ready for the harsher months ahead. To protect your plants from waterlogging and frost, raise any planted containers off the ground and insulate them with hay, cardboard, or bubble wrap. Make sure any empty pots are stored away, and, if you have one, take advantage of greenhouse storage for any plants particularly susceptible to winter conditions.

It’s always good to think ahead with your garden, even if summer couldn’t be further away. Use these tips above and you’ll find getting back out in your garden for spring/summer 2022 a walk in the park.

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