The Basics of Spot and Stain Removal for Hard Floors or Carpet

Carpet is a practical and aesthetic type of floor covering. It provides additional thermal insulation, protects feet from the cold, and gives a pleasant tactile sensation. In addition, such a coating can become a bright interior element, emphasize the sophistication of the environment. However, it requires careful and regular maintenance. That is why it is important to know how to clean the carpet from various dirt and what can be used for this. Let’s take a look at the benefits of vacuuming with hand tools and household cleaners.


The Basics of Spot and Stain Removal for Hard Floors or Carpet


The Basics Of Spot And Stain Removal For Hard Floors Or Carpet:

No one is immune from stains and dust on floor coverings. Anyone who has dealt with carpet understands what emergencies can happen. There is a carpet in almost every home today, which means that almost everyone has had problems with the carpet. However, no matter how you stain the carpet, be it dirt, blood, or milk – there are always ways to get the stain out completely. See below the types of stains and how to remove them.


Tea And Coffee:

Combine one tablespoon with glycerin and cold water, rub the area with dirt.


You can remove the traces of the feast with a powder for washing and a solution with vinegar (1 teaspoon of vinegar in 1 liter of cool water). First, we saturate the speck with the powder dissolved in water and then treat it with vinegar. A mixture of cold water and ammonia helps to remove red wine and juice stains.

Soft Drinks:

Cover the stain with a tea towel or cotton cloth to absorb any spilled liquid. In the meantime, make a weak ammonia solution and rinse the dirty area with it. After that, you need to wet the fabric with vinegar dissolved in water and wipe the stain with it. Dry it with a soft cloth.


Fill the newly “put” stains with table salt, old ones can be dealt with lemon juice or an appropriate acid, or you can resort to using alcohol. Then wash the carpet with soapy water and dry. You can also remove ink from the carpet using hairspray. Spray it onto the stained surface and leave it to dry. Then scrub the dirt with a brush and rinse with vinegar diluted in water.


The Basics of Spot and Stain Removal for Hard Floors or Carpet


Food Stain:

To deal with it is simple with sawdust. They must be scattered over the place of the dirty stain and left for a short time. Suitable for removing fat and potato starch. They need to rub the dirt and after a few minutes go with a vacuum cleaner.


Washing powder must be diluted in warm water and rinsed with a stain, then thoroughly washed. Mayonnaise can be easily removed with gasoline.


The main thing here is accuracy. Prepare a solution of one liter of water, one tablespoon of dish soap, and one tablespoon of wine vinegar. After using the mixture, rinse the stain with clean water and let it dry, then vacuum it.


You need to get rid of such stains right away, otherwise, it will be impossible to remove them. First, remove the remaining fruit with a sponge or tissue. Then prepare the same solution as for removing chocolate and follow the same procedure. If it was not possible to cope with the contamination the first time, repeat all the steps.

Blood Stain:

First, blot the drops of blood with a sponge. Then moisten with the prepared solution (1 teaspoon of detergent and the same amount of wine vinegar are dissolved in water). After drying, the stain must be vacuumed.


It needs to be frozen. To do this, use ice from the refrigerator, for example. The gum will become hard and can be easily removed from the carpet. Wax is removed in the same way. For better results use this Gum Removal machine:


nlkm Stain Removal for Hard Floors


Nail polish:

It is worth trying to remove the nail polish remover by soaking a piece of cloth with it. If it does not help, then resort to the help of a detergent and ammonia solution


Can be removed with a cloth dampened with alcohol or with a solution of vinegar. Then you need to wipe and dry.

If it was not possible to clean the stains with improvised methods, we recommend that you refer this excellent site of professional carpet cleaners.

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