The Benefits of Installing Blackout Roller Blinds In Your Bedroom

Blackout roller blinds are blinds that can completely block out any sunlight entering your bedroom. This is ideal for shift workers or those who struggle with sleeping. There are also other benefits of installing blackout roller blinds in your bedroom other than improved sleep. In this article we explore them in more detail.



Better Sleep

Getting good quality sleep has many benefits, including better focus, more energy, and improved mood. If you live in a busy area with street or car lights, it may be difficult to fall and stay asleep. Broken sleep can make it more difficult to get up in the morning and will ultimately leave you feeling more tired throughout the day.

Anyone can benefit from installing roller blinds in the UK, especially those who work night shifts and sleep in the day or those who suffer from insomnia or sleep issues. Lifestyle Blinds have a range of high-quality and affordable blackout blinds, all with a 3-year guarantee. Installing blackout roller blinds in your bedroom means you can block out anything that may be disrupting your sleep, allowing you to sleep like a baby.


If you value your privacy in the bedroom and often spend a lot of time here, you may want to increase your privacy through your windows. Some curtains and blinds do not offer much in terms of privacy and if you do live in a built-up area, this could cause you to feel uncomfortable changing in your own bedroom. Blackout blinds also block lights both ways, so nobody would be able to tell if you are in the bedroom from the outside.

Noise Reduction

Another fantastic benefit of blackout roller blinds is noise reduction. If you tend to love a lie-in on a weekend or your days off, you know how frustrating it can be to get woken up by neighbours or passers-by. Whilst light can be a big issue for some, this is often rectified with the use of an eye pillow for sleeping. It can be more difficult to feel comfortable sleeping in earplugs and for some people, this isn’t an option at all, as they wouldn’t hear their alarm in the morning.

Blackout roller blinds can help with noise reduction, and a high-quality one can minimise or completely block out any external noises. Installing these in your bedroom allows you to sleep easy, without being woken by drunk passers-by, noisy cars, or neighbours mowing their laws too early on a Sunday morning.


If you want to reduce bills in your home and find a way to become more energy-efficient, blackout roller blinds can help. As they are made with thicker material than many standard curtains or blinds, they are a great insulator. For winter days in the UK, keeping your blackout roller blinds closed in your bedroom will keep the heat in, which is great when you are waking up in the morning and don’t want to feel that chill.

When you turn on your heating, blackout roller blinds can also help to keep the hot air in your room, whilst blocking out cold drafts from the outside. Alternatively, on sunny days where it gets too hot to sleep, blackout blinds can significantly reduce the sunlight entering your room, which provides a cool sanctuary for sleep. This cuts down your energy bills, as there is no need to keep the fan on all night.


Blackout roller blinds are very versatile and can be bought in a colour that complements any room. Despite their name, they are available in many more colours other than black. They can be found in a range of shapes to fit any window and can also be made to measure. You don’t need to stop in the bedroom either. If you spend a lot of time in your living room or gaming room, installing blackout roller blinds can give you privacy and block out sunlight if you want to watch TV or play games during the day.

Whilst blackout blinds can also be found in other styles such as roman, vertical, and venetian, roller blinds offer the most protection against noise and light. Blackout roller blinds are not just for adults either. If your child struggles to sleep due to external sounds and light, you can find blackout roller blinds with child-friendly patterns that will fit perfectly in any little one’s bedroom.

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for wellbeing and health. Investing in the right blackout roller blinds for your bedroom can help you get the best night’s sleep, especially if you struggle to sleep. Furthermore, blackout roller blinds in your bedroom can provide the ultimate level of privacy. They also help to block out external noise, which is great for those who live in built-up areas.

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