The Benefits Of Owning A Residential Elevator

When thinking about in-home elevators, what type of images do you think of? Maybe these images include a multi-story, luxurious mansion that has an elevator that seamlessly transports the occupants of the home to one or more upper floors. Or, maybe you envision homes where the residential elevator is used for a functional reason. It provides a way for a person with limited mobility or a wheelchair user to maintain a level of independence by being able to move around their house. 

While luxury and necessity are the two main reasons to think about adding an elevator to a home, there are other benefits in doing so. The addition of an elevator can make a home more functional and safer. It may even increase the value of a home. Here is a more in-depth look at a few of the benefits of deciding to install residential lifts in your home. 


The Addition Of An Elevator Might Increase The Value Of Your Property

If you ever decide to sell your house, most homeowners hope that they will receive more from their sale of the home than what they originally paid. The property value of your home may increase as the years go by due to changes that occur in the real estate markets and inflation. You can also choose to make a few changes to the property so that it becomes more enticing to buyers, along with increasing your selling price. 

Will the addition of an elevator increase the value of your home? It may. The best way to obtain an idea of whether a residential elevator will increase the value of your home is to ask an appraiser. Appraisers evaluate homes to give an idea of the property’s worth. During these appraisals, they look at the overall condition of the home outside and inside. They also look at special features such as an elevator or pool. They also take note of any safety concerns or code violations. In addition to the evaluation of the home, appraisers also look at sale prices relating to other homes in your area that are similar. 


 Residential Elevator


A Residential Elevator Improves Mobility

Not many people enjoy having to carry large or heavy objects down or upstairs. With a residential elevator, a chore that was once tiresome is immediately made easier. For some people, trying to walk up a flight of stairs can be a very challenging activity. With the installation of an elevator, the elderly or a person in a wheelchair will find it much easier to access the upper floors of the home. It is not only an easier task to get down or up, but the elevator makes conveying objects and doing errands more efficient and simpler.

Enhance Space Efficiency

When compared to stairs, elevators will take up far less space. Homeowners that decide on making this investment can increase usable space in their homes by providing additional options along with increasing the overall resale value of their homes. The shaft of an elevator takes up a small portion when compared to space occupied by a staircase. If making the most of the space in your home is one of your top priorities, you can even choose to install the elevator on the exterior of your home, which provides additional entry points. 

Demonstrate Style

In-home elevators are now more available and affordable, allowing homeowners to add a unique style to their properties while increasing the functionality of the home. It could also help your property to become a trendsetter in your area, especially if you are the first home to add an elevator. 

Your home should be your sanctuary. The addition of a residential elevator can assist you in making the most from your current living situation. Whether you are interested in remaining in your home while you age or you want a convenient and functional upgrade, an in-home elevator is one of your best options. 


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