The Best Backyard Design Ideas That Homeowners Are in Love With

Research indicates that as many as 59% of Americans plan to continue their home improvement efforts well into 2021. For many of these avid DIYers, improving their outdoor living spaces is next on the list.

Could your backyard landscaping do with a little TLC? Here are the best backyard design ideas every smart homeowner is embracing right now.


Backyard Design Ideas for Families

During 2020, we all had to find creative ways to keep ourselves and our kids amused. Hence, the advent of the multi-use garden. These types of gardens include aspects that appeal to both children and parents.

Some aspects to consider when designing an outdoor space like this are:

  • Dining and seating spaces
  • Interactive sculptures
  • Berms and other landscaping features
  • Storage space for outdoor toys

Another new trend in this type of garden includes space for growing food like herbs and vegetables. You can set aside an area for those plants or grow them in containers for a decorative effect. Also, consider a privacy tree, such as Thuja Green Giant to enjoy quality family time outdoors.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

Extra garden adornments create curb appeal and can help you sell your home faster down the line. They also make for great entertainment spaces when you want to impress visitors and friends.

Some of the best ideas include:

  • A statue for your garden to create a focal point
  • Luxurious paving in your courtyard
  • A sophisticated fountain
  • Architectural plants for dramatic effect

You can also improve your backyard dramatically by adding an ADU. These small buildings work well as a pool house, hobby room, or yoga studio.


Backyard Design Ideas


Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Fire pits are all the rage right now. You can build one out of stone, or buy a metal standalone one.

Either way, a fire pit provides a cozy place to admire the stars, roast marshmallows, or tell tall tales around the flames.

An outdoor kitchen is an expensive addition, but it adds living space to your home, thus increasing its value. You’ll also get many hours of enjoyment entertaining friends and family in this awesome setting, especially while your options for going out remain limited.

A deck is a must-have for extending your living areas if you live on a property with uneven terrain. It’s also a great place to install a hot tub or spa.

Hardscaping for Added Utility

Hardscaping gives your backyard design efforts a professional look. You can stack stone retaining walls, add a patio crafted from pavers, or install meandering pathways across your lawn.

These durable materials add both form and function to your outdoor spaces, and they require less maintenance than a lawn.

Arbors serve as an attractive transition between different areas of your garden, while a pergola adds pizzazz to sitting areas.

Creating a Personalized Haven at Home

Try these backyard design ideas, or use them as inspiration for your own creations. Attractive outdoor spaces are the best way to maximize your outdoor spaces and spend more time together as a family.

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