The Best Projects To Improve Home Value

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Are you looking for ways to increase its value? Or do you want to increase your property value for the future? Here are some suggestions of the best projects to improve home value and maintenance items a homeowner can do to improve their home’s value.


Plumbing Upgrade or Maintenance

Any plumbing service upgrade will boost the value of your home. One of the best projects to improve your home value that a homeowner can do is to install plumbing upgrades. New plumbing fixtures can also help to conserve water which benefits you and a future homeowner.

In the bathrooms, consider toilet, sink, faucet, shower, or tub replacement. Choose classic or modern fixtures to update the look of your home. Avoid trendy fixtures, as they tend to go out of style quickly. Contact a bathroom remodeling services company for ideas on the best fixtures for your space.

If you do not want to replace all the fixtures in your bathroom entirely, ensure that the plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen function properly. Make sure to do a leak repair if necessary.

Doing the maintenance yourself or hiring a professional will ensure that the plumbing will be up to a new homeowner’s expectations. Maintenance can include ensuring there are no leaks to avoid wasting water and cleaning out any potential clogs.

An essential feature in a properly functioning home is a water heater that functions as it should. If your water heater is over ten years old or is not consistently producing enough hot water, consider a water heater replacement. It will help and therefore is one of the best projects to improve home value. Any plumbing upgrade is essential to improving the value of your home.


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Roof Maintenance

One of the best projects to improve home value is ensuring that your roof is in good condition. As crucial as changing air filters or cutting the lawn, roof maintenance, if not done regularly, leads to extensive roof repairs or total replacement. A roof that is free from leaks, missing shingles, or other damage is one way to improve the value of your home. Here are some tips.

Shingles that show signs of wear or damage need replacement. Regularly inspect the shingles that are visible from the ground. Look for streaky areas or shingles that are cracked. As not all the damage can be assessed from the ground, roofers may be needed to determine any damage.

HVAC Upgrade and Maintenance

HVAC unit maintenance needs to be done regularly. If you do not maintain the system, performance will deteriorate, and eventually, the whole system will fail. You will then need to replace the entire heating system. Regular maintenance ensures that your HVAC unit delivers consistent performance.

The HVAC systems keep the home environment comfortable and clean. It recycles all stale air and maintains indoor temperature regardless of the cold or hot climate outdoors. As an essential aspect of your property, it is vital to invest time and money in its maintenance.

The best way to ensure your system works as it should is to hire a professional. Here is what you can expect from an HVAC maintenance check.


Inspect and Change Filters

Filters can get very dirty, especially if you live in a dusty location. The HVAC system filters trap dust, germs, debris, then clean the air. They are responsible for maintaining the indoor air quality. If they are not cleaned and replaced regularly, the system will eventually stop performing as expected.

Visual Inspection

Your HVAC system should be visually inspected once yearly to make sure all systems are in working order. This inspection is an essential aspect of HVAC maintenance. If you do not get your system inspected, you will not notice a problem until it stops working in the dead of winter.

Cleaning and Removing Debris

Dust and debris do not settle just on the filters. They collect on moving parts, condensing units, blowers, or other vital components of your HVAC mechanicals. A light layer of dust is inevitable, but too much dirt can cause damage to the HVAC system. A professional will clean the dust and debris and ensure there is no corrosive damage to the internal systems.


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Check the Thermostat Settings

Most new HVAC systems have programmable thermostats that allow property owners to control the temperature and set it on a schedule. For example, you can set the thermostat to lower the heat when not at home to save money on your energy bill. The professional technician will check the thermostat to ensure the actual temperature and the temperature on the thermostat match. If there is a difference, the technician will check the thermostat’s performance and assess the whole HVAC system.

Check the Refrigerant Levels

Your air conditioner needs refrigerant enough to cool the air effectively. If it is not adequate, the compressor will need to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. This can cause extensive damage to the system and eventually will need to be replaced.

Any upgrade or improvement in the HVAC system will add value to your home, making it one of the best projects to improve home value.


Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a high-traffic room used for many things other than preparing and eating meals. Kitchens give you one of the biggest returns on your investment.

Buyers today look for updated kitchens and bathrooms. Granite counters are an upgrade that most buyers look for today. But here are some other ideas for the best projects to improve home value.

Floor Plan

Open floor plans have become popular because they give the home a warm, open, and inviting feel. Millennials especially look for open concepts when house hunting. Also, opening the kitchen allows for more customization, like adding an island to the kitchen space.



Updating the countertops gives the entire kitchen a refreshed appearance. There are several excellent options in addition to granite from which a homeowner can choose.

Quartz, laminate, concrete, solid surface, and granite are all fabulous countertop choices that will add beauty, function, and value to your home.


Another one of the best projects to improve home value is to install or refinish hardwood floors. Homes that have existing hardwood floors will see a 100% return on investment. It is reported that an average of $3,000 to refurbish the floors will add $3,000 in value. Installing hardwood flooring offers a 91% ROI.


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If you have ever seen a home with gold 1970s appliances, you know that older appliances can make the entire home look out of date. When upgrading your kitchen appliances choose energy-efficient models to lower energy use, reducing monthly utility bills. Consider “commercial looking” appliances which give the home the look of a beautiful, high-end commercial kitchen.


The cabinets are the first thing one sees upon entering the kitchen. What kind of impression do your cabinets make? Whether you choose to upgrade the look of your cabinets or reconfigure them to maximize storage space, all wood cabinets are the best.

Average ROI

The average return on investment of a kitchen remodel depends on the project. But a minor remodel can recoup an average of 81% of its cost. Not all kitchen renovations are created equal. A minor kitchen remodel has a higher ROI than luxury upgrades because they appeal to a broader audience.


What Not to Do on A Kitchen Remodel

There are a few things you need to avoid when considering a kitchen remodel.

Skip bright colors and use shades of gray, white, or beige, which are more appealing to most people. If you find you want an accent wall in a bright color, ensure that you repaint it to a more neutral color prior to listing your home for sale.

Wallpaper is another design choice to avoid. It is difficult to remove, so it is best to avoid it when remodeling your kitchen.

As mentioned previously, luxury upgrades do not always have a high return on investment. For example, a pizza oven would be nice to have in your kitchen, but you may not gain from having it from a value point of view.

Balance the upgrades in your kitchen with features you genuinely want and will use, along with features that will also appeal to a wide variety of potential home buyers if you decide to sell. That is one of the best projects to improve home value.


Exterior Maintenance

Your home’s exterior condition is critical as it is the first thing a visitor or potential buyer will see. Ensure that you check periodically for issues that need repair or replacement to keep your property looking its best.

Quarterly, inspect the exterior of your home. Do a spot check of the roof, check the gutters, and examine the foundation of the home to see if any cracks exist.

Clutter causes chaos and is true on the interior and exterior of the home. Do not allow things to lie around the yard. Keep your yard, garage, and shed areas clear and clean. It will also make it easier to locate things you need when you need them rather than looking under mounds of things.

If your home has siding, clean it every year with a power washer to make it appear new. If you need a siding repair for a damaged piece, contact a residential siding repair service to fix the problem before it becomes more significant.

Also, pay attention to the gutters. If they are full of leaves and debris, they will become an eyesore and the exterior’s focus. Keep them clean and repaint them if required. They attract attention right away, as they are the roof outline of your home.


Front Door

What kind of impression does your front door make? Are there scraps, dents, and scratches on it? If so, it will not look very appealing to a visitor coming to your home. Perhaps it is time for a residential door replacement.

If your door sticks in the winter but opens and closes easily in the summer, that is a sign that energy is rushing out the door. Check the hinges. If they are sinking, that is also a problem. If the door is sticking to the jam, it has exposed areas either down the sides or along the top or bottom where you can see light. Seeing light from the outside or inside without the door being open is an issue. It is leaking air.

Dings and rust on the door show that the structural integrity of the door is compromised. Most residential doors at your neighborhood big-box store are not structurally sound. They barely qualify as a residential door. If the door is rusted, the moisture isn’t coming from just the exterior but could be getting into the interior wood frame as well. Aside from a lack of energy efficiency, it is not secure.

Does your front door have moisture between panes of glass? If so, the seal between the two panes will break down, leading to moisture, mildew, or mold between them. With windows, some people let it go longer than they should because their windows are made of inorganic materials, making it easier to prolong the time needed to replace the window. After all, there is no fear of mold or mildew spreading to the rest of the home.

When it comes to the front door, it must be replaced quicker. Until the last ten years, all residential doors have had wood frames or cores. Doors are slammed, kicked, and exposed to substantial temperature fluctuations. If your home has an older solid wood door, it has probably seen its day.

These doors have expanded, then contracted, over so many winters and summers that they probably have cracks, warped, and are extremely weathered. A new front door is one of the best projects to improve home value, plus it makes a beautiful first impression.


Electrical Upgrade

Performing an upgrade to your electrical wiring during a remodel or renovation can cut your power bill. A residential electrician can help you comply with national and local electrical codes, plus it is an excellent project to improve your home’s value.

A home with faulty electrical connections poses a significant safety hazard. Here are a few upgrades you can do to help bring your home up to code and eliminate the risk of an electrical shock.

Upgrade the Electrical Panel

Eighty-five percent of the homes in the country are more than four decades old. These homes were designed to use about 30 to 50 amps of power. Modern homes use four to five times as much. Emergency electrical services can install a new power panel that meets the demands of modern life. A new panel will also eliminate the light flickering and circuit breaker trips within the home.


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Rework the Electrical Wiring

Many home remodels involve tearing down walls that may require the rewiring of your home. This is the opportunity to have a full inspection done on the wiring system of your home. Older homes sometimes have add-on circuits that increase the risk of electrical faults.

Install GFCIs

Ground fault circuit interrupters are devices that switch off power when an appliance comes into contact with moisture. The National Electrical Code suggests installing GFCIs in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or wherever appliances could come into contact with water. Installation requires a professional.

These are some of the best projects to improve home value. Whether you are getting ready to put it on the market to sell, or if you want to improve it for the benefit of yourself and your family, these are sure to boost the value of your home.


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