The Complete and Only New Home Furnishing Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Did you just buy a home? Congrats!

Homeownership provides a chance to design whatever type of life you want. According to self/object fusion theories, the things you own impact the identity you create. Instead of bombarding your new space with your old belongings, start fresh with new furniture.

A purposefully selected bed and well-chosen set of living room furniture can transform your new house into a natural home. Instead of sticking to the kinds of furniture that you’ve always known, be brave and try something new.

To help, we’ve created this short furniture buying guide. So read this furnishing checklist for the best insights on choosing furniture that matches your lifestyle.


New Home Furniture for the Living Room

There are countless types of sofas and couches available for your furnishing checklist! You can look at some furniture on Pinterest and look through the photo gallery online. For instance, you can look into getting a sectional sofa.



The Complete and Only New Home Furnishing Checklist You’ll Ever Need


Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa will have 2 or more sections and 2 or more sides.

Sectionals are terrific when you have a larger living room and plan on having a lot of guests over. If you want a more laid-back approach, look for a sectional sofa with a reclining option.

Chesterfield Options

Were you looking to set up your living room in a formal way? Then consider adorning your living space with a Chesterfield.

A Chesterfield is a fancy sofa that has tufted upholstery. You can choose it as a regular sectional or standard sofa. You can even get Chesterfield chairs to match your Chesterfield sofa.

Chair Choices

Once you’ve selected the couch or sofa for your living room, it’s time to decide on chairs. We suggest setting your living room up with a set of chaise lounge chairs for guests. Chaise lounge chairs are long seats, and they don’t have any arms.

If you want a more traditional approach, add a love seat to your living room. Love seats are a short sofa, perfect for sitting 1-2 people.

Setee Sofa

As far as choosing your own unique chair we suggest looking into getting a Setee sofa. A Setee sofa is a vast chair, almost like a throne.

You’ll get to be the queen or king of your house. If you have a partner, you’ll definitely need 2 Setees in your home.


The Complete and Only New Home Furnishing Checklist You’ll Ever Need



Different Types of Tables

Think you only need one table for your house? Think again. Well-furnished houses can have as many as 10 tables or more!

It makes sense when you think about it. The dining room table, end tables, nightstands, work tables, art tables, accent tables, and more. It’s incredible how many different functions and styles there are for tables.

If you’re not sure what type of tables you want, start off small. For instance, choose what accent tables would go best in your living room.

  • Accent Tables

Accent tables can also be a wonderful place to store small items. You’ll find that most accent tables are small, and they can add a lot of character to your living room area. Once you know what type of accent tables you’d like, you can begin to build the rest of your living room furniture around it.

  • End Tables

Do you want your living room to have end tables? End tables are small discreet furnishings that can go at the end of the sofa.

You could also place the end tables next to your chairs. Decorate the end tables with vases full of flowers, or baskets of potpourri.

  • Console Table

If you’re looking for a less conventional approach, we suggest getting a console table. Console tables are rarely seen nowadays.

The console table is a long narrow table behind the sofa. It can be the perfect addition to a couch that’s sitting in an entry hall.

Guests will discreetly place their purses and belongings on the table and collect them as they leave.

  • Tufted Ottoman

Another unique approach would be to get an ottoman table. However, the fabric surface will need a serving tray on top of it. Without a serving tray, the drinks won’t stabilize.


coastal bungalow interior design round blonde timber table with white legs Furnishing Checklist


Smart Homeowner Bedroom Themes

Moving into the bedroom, we suggest having at least 1 bedside table. The bedside table or nightstand should go right by where you lay your pillow.

Your night table will just be the beginning of furnishing your bedroom. You’re also going to need to pick the perfect bed, dresser, and other pieces of furniture. To make sure that you’re setting up your room in a way that will bring you joy, take a moment to come up with a theme.

A theme is how you want the bedroom to make you feel. It can be a specific theme such as industrial or farmhouse chic or a more vague theme such as inspirational.


The Complete and Only New Home Furnishing Checklist You’ll Ever Need


Finding the Perfect Bed With a Furnishing Checklist

One of the best ways to relax your room is by choosing the right bed type. There are so many different bed styles that you’ll need to take your time working through the other options.

Bed Design

For instance, do you want to get a standard bed, a canopy bed, or a Murphy wall bed? The type of bed you get will be determined by the size of your room. If you have a large room, we suggest a standard bed.

Bed Style

After choosing the bed design, you’ll need to choose the bed style. For instance, there are contemporary-style beds, modern-style beds, and even cottage-style beds. Country-style beds would go great with a chic farmhouse thing. So would a rustic style bed!


The Complete and Only New Home Furnishing Checklist You’ll Ever Need


Bed Frame Materials and Features

After choosing the bed’s design and style, take things one step further by looking at the different types of bed frame materials. For instance, you can have your bed frame made of metal, wicker, or wood.

Other bed features to consider include having a lighted headboard, an upholstered headboard, or a distressed finish. You can even add a cute bookcase to your bed for cozy late-night readings sessions.

Love the Way Your Home Feels

There you have it! The complete furnishing checklist for every homeowner’s wants and needs. Remember; new house, new you. Don’t be afraid to break away from the norm with unconventional furniture choices.

Fun chaise lounge chairs or sophisticated ottomans can help your home feel complete. Walk through each room of your house today, and decide what theme you’d like it to have. Then start looking for furniture pieces to make your vision a reality!

What other smart homeowner tips can we offer up? Read another blog post to find out!

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