The Complete Greenhouse Buyer’s Guide For 2022

Gardeners view greenhouses as a necessity or a dream. Basically, a greenhouse serves many functions and offers countless benefits. It’s a place to grow various types of plants and a place to give your seedlings a jumpstart ahead of the growing season.

In addition, a greenhouse can be used as a hobby to enjoy the gift of nature without the need to spend a huge amount of money. However, you have to take note that not all greenhouses are the same.

If you’re out in the market and looking for the best and right greenhouse suited for you, make sure to read this complete guide.


Types Of Greenhouses

There are many types of greenhouses in the market, and these include the following:

  • High Quality Glass Greenhouses

When you’re buying a greenhouse, you should always check the quality of the glazing options available. The glass greenhouses for sale at South West Greenhouses come with the option of horticultural or toughened glass, which allows you to make a choice of which one is best for your garden.


The Complete Greenhouse Buyer’s Guide For 2022

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  • Polycarbonate Greenhouses

A twin-walled polycarbonate greenhouse transmits less sunlight than glass with 83% glazing, but, unlike glass, it isn’t easy to break. It also has extra points when it comes to retaining heat better. However, since polycarbonate is vulnerable to wind damage, ensure that it’s protected against strong winds.

  • Vertical Greenhouses

A vertical greenhouse is another type of greenhouse that allows growing plants at various levels, so they can be tended more easily. It’s also an excellent option if you want to learn how to grow your own cabbage and other vegetables in places where there’s no natural or less light available. Typically, such greenhouses have slats on the sides and open on the top.

  • Space Greenhouses

This kind of greenhouse is made to capture a whole ecosystem inside it. When compared to other greenhouses, a space greenhouse comes with a planetarium-style design that enables plants to thrive in a natural environment, so you can enjoy them without the need to worry about your plants.


The Complete Greenhouse Buyer’s Guide For 2022


Things To Consider When Buying A Greenhouse

When it comes to greenhouses, there are many things to consider, and these include the following:

  • Materials

A greenhouse is often made from either wood or aluminum frames. The element is silver, but it can be painted into colors like green. Aluminum frames are known for being sturdy and much cheaper than wooden frames.

Greenhouses with wooden frames are suited for most kinds of gardens because of their natural look. However, they’ll need treatment every few years to keep them in good condition and look fresh. Also, they’re much easier to insulate.

  • Ventilation System

Many greenhouses typically have roof windows for ventilation. Depending on your preferred provider, a greenhouse may have a simple expanding tube that can be fitted to the roof ventilators to shut and open automatically.

An effective kind of ventilator is the controlled extractor fan. It’s cheap to run and easy to install, reducing condensation and providing continuous air movement. It’s normally fitted to the greenhouse’s gable end.

  • Cloche

A cloche may come in a variety of sizes and shapes to protect rows of plants or individual plants from harsh weather, to keep out pests, and to extend the growing season. When selecting a cloche to consider, ensure that it has ventilation. Several cloches take the form of glass tents, which serve as a safety hazard.


The Complete Greenhouse Buyer’s Guide For 2022

  • Visual Appearance

Another thing to consider when buying a greenhouse is its visual appearance. This is especially important if you want your greenhouse to blend into your existing garden landscape. Fortunately, there are various options to choose from when it comes to the aesthetics of greenhouses.

The typical color finish for greenhouses is plain silver. But, other providers offer greenhouses in a range of attractive colors that’ll improve your new greenhouse’s visual appeal. At present, green is a popular choice for many customers.

  • Accessories

No matter how much a greenhouse costs, a variety of accessories is always great to consider. Shelving and staging are the most common accessories as they provide greenhouses with more rooms and levels to plant more. For example, a greenhouse heater is useful when heating greenhouses during the winter once you start moving your plants inside to protect them from colder temperatures and frost.


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  • Watering

Proper watering of plants is a difficult thing to achieve in greenhouses. If you lack mobility or strength in your arms, but you have to water manually, select a light plastic greenhouse can with long spouts. Tying the end of the hose to the broom handle or cane or using lance attachments will extend the reach.

Don’t try squirting the water by pinching the hose as it may result in serious erosion of compost from the plant pots and inconsistent watering. Also, it tends to knock over the dry pots.

There are some self-watering systems available that are either semi-automatic or fully automatic. One of the most efficient forms of watering is through a capillary method where the seed trays and pots stand on a sand bed or special matting.

Another watering method is trickle irrigation, which is supplying water directly to the pots or plants at predetermined rates. A spaghetti tubing system is a popular form in which the supply pipes have a big number of small tubes leading off of them so that every pot gets a dripped supply constantly.

Depending on the method you prefer for watering, take note that the plants nearest to the windows may dry out faster than the ones near the center of professional-quality greenhouses. They’re also the pots that are challenging to reach and might get neglected during hand watering.

  • Supplemental Lighting

Depending on your location, you may need to consider supplemental lighting when looking for a greenhouse. Keep in mind that clouds may reduce the amount of light that reaches your vegetables and plants, especially during winter days. When it happens, your seedlings and daylight-sensitive plants may end hungry for sufficient lighting and can benefit from the LED lights installed.


Bottom Line

Whether it’s your first time or you want to upgrade your current greenhouse, buying one can be stressful and challenging because there are various things you need to consider. With the guide above, you can be assured that you’ll make a well-informed decision and choose the right greenhouse perfect for your unique needs or personal preferences.

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