The Complete Guide to Furnishing a Bedroom

The average American spends 36 years in bed during their lifetime. That includes the time spent sleeping and the waking hours spent just relaxing and watching TV in the bedroom.

When you know you’ll be spending nearly half of your life in your bedroom, it’s only natural to want to make it as inviting as possible. That’s why many homeowners spare no expense when upgrading their bedrooms. A typical bedroom remodel costs about $7,880.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to furnish a bedroom so that it’s the welcoming retreat they need it to be. But furnishing a bedroom should never be the reserve of professionals.

In this guide, we give you nine tips for decorating a bedroom in such a way that you want to spend more time in it.


Choose a Great Bed Frame

The bed is undoubtedly the most essential piece of bedroom furniture. It’s the centerpiece of the entire room, so you should take extra care when choosing the right bed frame for you.

The good news is that there’s an endless variety of bed frames on the market today, so you can always find one that perfectly suits you. Among the most popular bed frames are platform beds, panel beds, upholstered beds, storage beds, and canopy beds.

Choose a bed frame whose material, style, and height compliments the rest of your bedroom decor.




Highlight the Headboard 

No matter what type of bed frame you choose, try to make the headboard a striking one. A gorgeous upholstered headboard can give the rest of your bedroom a dramatic style lift.

Don’t shy away from showing your personality and creativity when it comes to the headboard. You can even opt to repurpose it or opt for a DIY headboard instead. The idea is to use the headboard to add just the touch of contrast and interest needed to light up your bedroom.

Update the Bedding

Your bedding helps set the mood and style of your bedroom, so go for the best bedding components. Start with a top-quality latex mattress from These mattresses are not only comfy and supportive, but they also last well over a decade.

Next, switch up your dull blanket with something spicier. Go for premium covers, sheets, comforters, and coverlets as well.

Opt for some colorful pillows to create much-needed contrast. Sure, neutral colors are soothing, but you need a touch of color so your bedroom doesn’t look drab. Generally, a bed looks best with three throw pillows whose style and colors coordinate.


furnishing a bedroom


Choose Great Lighting

A big part of designing a bedroom is investing in great lighting options. If the only thing that adorns your ceiling is a simple lightbulb in a glass bowl encasing, it’s time to go for something more spectacular.

Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of lighting options that can instantly transform your bedroom’s appearance and ambiance. Give your bedroom panache by choosing a bold ceiling fixture.

If you don’t see something you like on the market, you can decide to create your own pendant lighting fixture. This way, you have something that you love.

Invest in Attractive Art Pieces

Most homeowners show their artistic side by displaying artwork in their living rooms. But art pieces can also make fantastic bedroom decorations too.

If your bedroom walls are simply empty stretches of paint, add a touch of interest to them by hanging your favorite picture, print, or quilt. You can also hang several of your family photos on one of the walls.

Find a Nice Bedside Lamp

Your bed can feel incomplete without a nice bedside lamp. Choose something that feels special.

One of the best things about bedside lamps is that you can get one that looks great without necessarily breaking a budget. Most furniture shops will have a variety of high-impact bedside lamps you can choose from.

Update Your Old Rug

It’s easy to forget all about your floor when decorating your bedroom, especially if the floor is covered with wood. The floor is merely a utilitarian part of the bedroom, not an asset to be decorated for many people.

However, you can instantly make your bedroom more interesting by swapping out your drab rug with something more stylish. Instead of a carpet with neutral shades, why not go for a strongly colored or patterned rug?

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Dress Your Bedroom Windows

You can creatively frame your window by dressing it beautifully. Invest in top-quality sheer curtains that add color, texture, pattern, and softness to your bedroom. Combine these curtains with opaque roller blinds that you can pull down when you need privacy or wish to block morning light.

Invest in Lots of Storage

You want to avoid giving your bedroom a cluttered look, and the best way to do so is to store stuff out of sight.

There are many ways to create more storage in your bedroom. For instance, you can purchase a bedside table that comes with drawers. You can store your books, reading glasses, or lotion in these drawers, ensuring they’re within reach but out of sight.

You may also invest in a small dresser that has drawers for more storage. A storage bench at the foot of your bed may also be the ideal place to store extra pillows, blankets, or sheets.

Furnishing a Bedroom Shouldn’t Be Unnecessarily Difficult

You spend lots of time in your bedroom, so it only makes sense to make it a comfortable sanctuary for you. Luckily, furnishing a bedroom doesn’t need to be an impossible challenge. With the tips we’ve shared in this guide, you can make your bedroom a haven in which you look forward to spending time every day.

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