The Different Types of Garage Flooring Options That Exist Today

In 2020, people spent about twelve percent more of their time at home than they did in 2019.

If you are one of those people, you know that spending more time around your family can be amazing, but it can also leave you wanting to pull your hair out at times.

Some folks looking for time away have gotten creative and turned their garages into extra living, working, and entertaining spaces. For this kind of project, it’s crucial to examine the different types of garage flooring that exist to know which is the right option for your use.

If you’re interested in turning your garage into extra living space but are unsure of what floor to use for your garage remodel, don’t worry. Keep reading to learn about all the garage flooring options that are out there for you.



Paint coatings tend to be the cheapest and easiest garage flooring option. You apply them in mostly the same way that you would paint a wall or ceiling in your home, so this project is achievable even if you’re a beginner at home renovations.

These paints tend to come in either latex or oil-based options. With either kind of paint, it’s easy to spot treat your floor if one area needs a touch-up without having to redo the entire project. These paints tend to be the least resilient of the flooring options, though, so be prepared to repaint your garage floor every couple of years.

Garage epoxy flooring is another paint-on floor option with more resilience than the traditional version of paints. It’s a little harder to work with than paint, as you have to mix the epoxy yourself and then work quickly to get it on the floor before it hardens. However, the extra work is worth the additional durability that epoxy provides.

Sealers and Stains

Sealers are kind of like “paint plus” for your floors. They tend to last longer than paints on your floors, but you still roll them on. With this kind of flooring, be careful not to drive into your garage until the sealer has completely set.

A floor stain generally won’t protect your garage floor, but it’s a great first step if you want your garage floor to look decorative or be a certain color. Simply apply the stain to the concrete, work it into the floor, and cover it with a sealer.


Coverings are a great flooring option if you have any damage on your existing floor. They’re also excellent if you’re short on time to complete the project, as you don’t have to clean your floor as thoroughly to lay down a floor covering as you do when painting or sealing the floor.

Garage floor coverings come in various versions of tiles and mats, and it’s simply up to you to decide which look and style fit your space the best.

Use Your Favorite Types of Garage Flooring

Now you know all the different types of garage flooring that you can use to kick your garage renovation up a notch. Determine the best garage flooring options for the project you’re working on, and use one as the final touch on building the garage of your dreams!

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