The Different Types of Kitchen Layouts That Homeowners Love Today

Did you know that kitchen renovation projects make up more than 80% of home improvement jobs in the US?

Kitchen remodeling projects can big a large investment, but they are often worth it.

Whether you want to sell or stay, you can benefit from giving your kitchen new life.

Read further if you want to learn about the different types of kitchen layouts that you will love!


Single-Wall Style

One of the trendiest types of kitchen layouts right now is the single-wall style.

Since many people live in smaller homes, condos, or apartments, it’s essential to use space wisely. If you want to convert your kitchen to this style, you should put all of your cabinetry, appliances, and shelving on one wall.

This is a preferred style since it gives a clean and sleek appearance. Although it isn’t practical for large families, it is a wonderful option for people that want a minimalist life.

Long vertical areas are best for this kitchen so that it doesn’t look empty or boxy. To make the most of your space, use all of your walls going up to the ceiling.  This will provide you with more storage space and better dimensions.


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The Galley

If you like the concept of the single-wall style, you might be interested in the galley kitchen.

Galley kitchens are two rows of cabinets and appliances facing each other. This works well with skinny vertical kitchens. Most people do this design if the single-wall style doesn’t offer enough counter and storage space.

The inner space between the cabinetry is called the galley. For a successful design, this space should be free of obstruction. Multiple people can comfortably cook in this kitchen and it works perfectly for navigating while cooking.


The Different Types of Kitchen Layouts That Homeowners Love Today
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If you want to conduct the best kitchen remodel project, you should find inspiration from the letter U.

U-shaped kitchens are popular in large homes because they optimize the space. If you have 3 walls that are adjacent to each other, this design will work effortlessly. You can put upper and lower cabinets on the 3 walls, just leave space for the fridge and stove.

Some people add open shelving to the walls instead of cabinets to create a neater and more modern look. With the openness of this kitchen, many people can cook simultaneously.

Professional chefs recommend this style for inspired cooks. The design works perfectly with the work triangle that cooks learn in the kitchen.


The Different Types of Kitchen Layouts That Homeowners Love Today



A smart homeowner will think about doing the L-shaped kitchen layout.

If you have a fairly large kitchen with 3 to 4 walls, this is a wonderful option. You can create an L with the countertops and cabinetry. Incorporating the appliances should feel natural with this design and you have more space to work with.

Many people recommend installing corner cabinets with lazy Susans. This will optimize the corners and let you access items with ease. Many people get this style of the kitchen when they like to cook as a family.

Another option for using corner spaces is to build a pantry. Pantries are wonderful storage spaces for dried goods, Tupperware, and mixers.


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Island Included

Depending on how large your residential kitchen is, you can add an island.

Islands are perfect in busy kitchens since they maximize your space and make the room more practical. Islands typically offer a lot of storage space and additional counter space. Depending on your investments, you can also get another sink or burner.

If you have kids or a busy lifestyle, island kitchens are perfect. You can add stools near the island and make it a place to eat and do homework.

To ensure that you won’t end up deserted on your island, take measurements. This will help prevent you from underestimating the space you need.


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Pretty Peninsula

When the island dream isn’t realistic, you can consider the next best thing.

Peninsula kitchens are perfect for active households. Michigan and Florida are such impressive states because they both have peninsulas surrounded by water. Although you won’t have water in your kitchen aside from the sink, you can still find inspiration.

The peninsula concept is ideal for kitchens that are connected to the dining rooms. This design can also be used in single rooms, as long as one end of the counter is out from the others.

You can prep food, feed the kids, or store your appliances on the peninsula.


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Traditional Take

The traditional take on kitchen renovations typically depends on the homeowner.

Each person has an image of what a traditional kitchen looks like. Most people imagine nooks near a window, stacked ovens, and sinks below a window. Traditional kitchens also have a unique shape since they incorporate galley and island styles.

These kitchens focus on comfortable and calming characteristics. You want to have a floor plan that feels natural while you are cooking and baking. Since people used to spend more time in the kitchen, this space was one of the most luxurious rooms in the home.

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What Types of Kitchen Layouts Suit You?

Learning about the types of kitchen layouts will help you find a natural fit for your home.

Since all homes aren’t created equally, you want to enhance certain features. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, you can optimize the space to get the most storage and counter surfaces.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your designs, just ensure that they’re sensible and measured.

Be sure to read our blog for more information about home remodeling projects and kitchens!


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