The Do’s and Don’ts of Driving Around Huge Trucks

The phrase “don’t get into a fight with an ugly person, they’ve already won” is fitting when it comes to driving around huge trucks. These behemoths are intimidating and can often make you feel like the little guy. The truth of the matter is that these vehicles need just as much room on the road as any other car does, and there are some common sense things you should do to drive safely by them. Continue reading!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Driving Around Huge Trucks


Driving Around Huge Trucks



1. Don’t Ignore the Blind Spots

When it comes to driving near huge trucks, one of the most dangerous things you can do is ignore their blind spots.

The truck’s blind spots are places that a driver cannot see in the cab, and they’re huge. It’s not uncommon for drivers to back up or turn without realizing they’ve done so into your lane-and it could lead to an accident!

As explained by, make sure you always have enough space between yourself and the rear wheels of any large vehicle (at least two full car lengths). Also, keep track of where parked cars are on either side of you; if there happens to be a row, try opening up more room before pulling out onto traffic.

2. Do Stay in your lane

Staying in your lane is one of the critical things to do when driving around huge trucks. Huge trucks can be hard for smaller vehicles to drive safely alongside, and if you drift into someone else’s lane, it might cause an accident or traffic congestion as both drivers merge back in. If you’re on a two-lane highway, stay right.

If there is no way other drivers will let you change lanes, then don’t do it! This will create more confusion and potentially lead to accidents with other cars expecting that space open because they didn’t know what was happening ahead of them. Stick where your safety dictates – even if this means taking the “slow road.”

3. Don’t Tailgate A Trucker

Tailgating a truck is not only illegal but also dangerous. You will be more vulnerable because you can’t react as quickly, and your car will get buffeted around by the wind from the tractor-trailer.

Some trucks have large blind spots that may leave you unseen; for example, if there is a turn up ahead of them and you can’t see it until they make it. So give yourself lots of space in case something happens or don’t do it!

4. Don’t Drive On The Shoulders Of Highways

Driving on the shoulders of highways is illegal and dangerous. It’s not just about a ticket, but also it can be unsafe because you may have to play chicken with cars coming at you from both directions. You might even get hit by an errant ball or animal that was in the road! If there’s an issue ahead, then pull off onto the nearest exit lane instead – this way, other drivers are more likely to see you getting ready to turn back.


jnk 3 Driving Around Huge Trucks


5. Do Use Your Turn Signals When Turning Or Changing Lanes

A simple thing like turning your car signal when changing lanes will make driving around huge trucks much safer for everyone involved. Truck drivers especially don’t like surprises! It’s not just about being courteous but also about the safety of all drivers.

6. Do Give Trucks A Wide Berth When Passing

When passing a truck, it’s essential to give them plenty of room on either side – at least three or four car lengths if possible. This is especially true when they turn because you might want to be in front and far enough away that he has time to react before cutting off your path as he turns right (or left). If trucks are lined up close together, stay behind one, so there is no confusion about who should move first.

7. Don’t Use Your Mobile Phone While Driving

It’s illegal to use your mobile phone while driving, and this is especially important when you’re around huge trucks. You just never know what might happen – like a sudden stop or that trucker having to take an unexpected turn on the road ahead of you. Keep both hands firmly on the wheel with eyes focused at least ten meters in front of your car so you can react quickly if something happens!

8. Don’t Stop Suddenly

Truck braking systems are not as good or quick as a car’s. A sudden stop can cause the rear of the truck to swing out and hit you. Therefore, don’t stop suddenly.

Don’t accelerate quickly in front of a truck, either. When the driver slams on his brakes to avoid your car, he won’t be able to control how fast the back of his trailer wheels spin and come into contact with you from behind. The quicker you’re going when this happens, the more damage is done as well as the greater likelihood that both vehicles will become stuck together or rollover.

When you’re driving around big trucks, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. We hope this blog has given you some pointers on how to do it safely. Follow these simple guidelines, and your subsequent truck encounter should be safe as well!

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