The Easy Way to Stay Active at Home During Retirement

If you want to make the most out of your retirement years, you’ve got to take control of your ability to pursue the things you want. No matter what your favorite kind of pastime might be, you need to find ways to ensure you do the things you enjoy most, but you must also stay healthy if you want to have a long and fulfilling retirement.


The Benefits of Social Well-Being

While retirement brings the many benefits that freedom from your career allows, it can also present a few challenges – particularly if you don’t plan. One of the most significant challenges that retirees face is maintaining close connections with other people.

Studies have shown that social well-being can dramatically impact one’s overall health as much as physical well-being. Given this fact, planning your retirement to include social activities is critical. But having an agenda to socialize more often and being able to accomplish that on a steady basis are two different things.

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Bringing Physical Fitness and Social Well-Being Together

Given that a healthy retirement lifestyle involves social well-being just as much as physical well-being, you should always try to keep both goals in mind when considering your retirement planning. Luckily, many of the most enjoyable ways to stay active can accommodate more than one person, so you can often treat such plans as simultaneous.

When you can invite a friend along any time you need to exercise, you can ensure that you accomplish both of these needs at once. While combining both goals into your overall health plans can present some challenges, the pros will almost always outweigh the cons with this strategy.

The Benefits of Combining Social Connection with Exercise

Incorporating social time into your physical fitness routine makes exercising more fun and saves time. One of the most significant obstacles people face when trying to incorporate more physical fitness into their daily routine is finding the time to exercise to be able to find that time consistently.

If you’ve spent many years pursuing demanding career goals, you might also find it challenging to make extra time to socialize with new people. By bringing these activities together, overcoming the challenge of a busy schedule will become less of a concern.

Another benefit of combining your socialization and physical fitness activities is that inviting more people to join you in your fitness routine will make the entire experience more enjoyable. After all, when you’re engaged in an enticing conversation with a friend, the minutes tend to slip away quickly, even when you’re performing a demanding physical feat.

Inviting friends to exercise will also mean you have more support to keep you on track to reach your fitness goals. It’s a lot easier to give up on a regular fitness routine when you’re only accountable to yourself. When you agree to meet a friend and provide support for that friend as well, it will be more likely that you’ll stick to your plan.

Finally, exercising with more people will give you opportunities to engage in activities requiring more people. If your favorite way to exercise is to play a team sport or have a tennis match, you will need some friends to stay on track.

The only downside to exercising with others is that you risk giving up your fitness routine when those people are not available. Given this fact, it is a good idea to keep an activity you enjoy as a backup fitness plan so you don’t get tempted to skip out.


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How to Encourage a Social and Active Lifestyle

If you want to be able to introduce more social time into your life, you need to make a plan that includes more opportunities to meet new people and develop friendships with those who are similar to you. The good news is that almost all seniors are in the boat when it comes to the need for more physical activity and more social engagement.

Given that seniors require both social and physical activities to promote good well-being, many retirees tend to be eager to seek out and participate in such opportunities.

The secret to bringing these two goals together into one lies in your ability to find an environment to live in that includes many opportunities to stay active, along with neighbors who share your enthusiasm for good health.

Active Adult Communities Help Plan Your Retirement

If you haven’t had an easy time getting the physical exercise you want in recent years, part of the problem might be that you’re still living in a home designed for a chaotic and fast-paced lifestyle, where there’s no time to focus on well-being. The best way to break out of this habit when you retire is to choose to live in an active adult community.

When you work with a company like Blythwood Homes on a custom home for your retirement years, you’ll get the opportunity to live in a community that promotes regular physical fitness and increased socialization. With access to the most enjoyable ways to stay active, like tennis, pool, and gym.


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How a Custom Home Can Help You Get More Exercise

When you choose to move into a custom home, you’ll get to choose what’s included. Rather than settling for a stock floor plan, you can make adjustments to accommodate an extra room for anything you desire. If you prefer to exercise alone, you’ll benefit immensely from including a dedicated exercise room in your home that includes all your favorite fitness equipment.

A Home in an Active Adult Community Can Benefit Your Social Well-being

Active adult communities encourage more social activity because they are sought out by like-minded individuals who value social interaction. When you live in an active adult lifestyle community, you’ll be giving yourself a better chance for good social and physical health simply by planning the place where you live.

The secret to staying active during your retirement is to live in an area that makes getting your exercise fun and easy. Living near others eager to make physical fitness a regular part of their routine will also help encourage you to stay fit and social.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can build a custom home in an active adult community, contact a home builder in the Niagara area to find out what’s available.


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