The Effects of Weed on Your Body and Mind

So you couldn’t stop laughing at the silliest things and felt the need to devour anything edible? These are some of the effects experienced along with euphoria or body relaxation when puffing on your favorite buds. Cannabis connoisseurs prefer the idea that smoking weed causes anything but unhappiness.

Putting aside the effects cannabis is well known for, what happens to your body and mind when consuming cannabis? Are there any short-term side effects, or is it smooth sailing all the way after continuous use?

The effects you experience when smoking weed also depend on the type of strain you consume. Due to improved cultivation methods, hundreds of different variants are available to the market today. You have the luxury of choosing between a sativa autoflower variant for uplifted effects, or a feminized indica for relaxation.

Read on as we explore the effects weed has on the body and mind and how the process takes shape from within.


How Does Weed Affect Your Mind and Body?

Your resistance to THC influences how you’ll react to a potent strain with high THC levels. Some people feel euphoric, while others experience a calming sensation from smoking the same strain.

Cannabis provides an array of medicinal benefits when consumed in moderation. Recreational users enjoy the uplifted or sedating effects, while medical patients consume it for its reported healing properties.

How does weed affect you after each puff? Marijuana interacts with the endocannabinoid systems (ECS) within our bodies. ECS is made up of chemicals and receptors present in every organ and cell. THC attaches to CB1 receptors influencing your mood, metabolism, memory, and movement.

How you consume weed determines the speed at which you’ll feel the effects. You’ll start to feel sensations within minutes after inhaling any cannabis products. It goes straight to the lungs, circulates in the bloodstream, and progresses quickly to the brain. So what happens to people who smoke weed? According to research, overuse could cause lung damage due to other contributing factors like carcinogenic smoke particles.

The effects impact the body first. Your blood pressure drops, causing your heart to pump faster. First-time smokers may become anxious at this point as their heart rate increases. These initial sensations usually subside as fast as they appear while THC makes its way up to the brain. It then binds to the CB1 receptors and creates the cerebral and body high.

Effects can last anywhere from minutes to hours after ingesting cannabis. It provides a more potent buzz that lasts longer than smoking it. 

Marijuana edibles take longer to produce effects as THC is first processed in the stomach. The liver converts it into 11–hydroxy–THC—a compound stronger than THC. It then makes its way into the bloodstream before entering your brain.

An increased appetite often follows once sensations dissipate (after smoking or eating cannabis). According to research, this isn’t real hunger—it’s the brain’s “reward circuitry.” Your mind emphasizes the appreciation of food, making everything taste better and has you wanting more.

Thankfully, once the effects of marijuana leave the brain, it doesn’t leave you with an urge for more. Indulge in moderation, whether you’re a first-time cannabis consumer or a seasoned toker. Overuse could have adverse reactions on your mind and body like nausea, slight paranoia, and anxiety. 


The Effects of Weed on Your Body and Mind


The Positive Effects of Smoking Weed

Because the effects of marijuana usage work on people differently, what’s good for one may not be pleasant for another. The joint efforts of all the cannabinoids (especially THC and CBD) in weed provide exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.

According to reviews, cannabis positively affects the mind and body in various ways.

  • Relieves chronic pain: Marijuana possesses a number of terpenes and cannabinoids. Medical patients report that it helps with severe pains throughout the body. The anti-inflammatory properties relieve consistent joint aches.
  • Eliminates depression, stress, and anxiety: Many users report that the cerebral effects experienced when consuming weed overrule any lingering feelings of unhappiness.
  • Soothes muscle tension: THC relaxes the muscles and is therefore at the forefront of this health benefit.
  • Helps with muscle or wound recovery: Cannabis topicals are a great way of breaking into the healing properties of this herb. Reviews from medical patients show that applying creams and lotions to the skin helps rejuvenate affected areas.
  • Increased focus and mobility: According to research, marijuana enthusiasts often indulge in their favorite cultivars when they need a bit of encouragement to complete tasks.
  • Helps chemo patients with nausea and vomiting: Reports indicate a significant impact it has on people undergoing chemotherapy by suppressing nausea.

Finding cannabis is easier now due to the many states legalizing it. Getting the right strain that works well with your body may be tricky. You could spend a lot of money buying different buds to match your mood. Raising your crops allows you to have an endless supply of your favorite strain.

Growing cannabis at home is rewarding and costs you much less in the long run. Start your canna garden, but familarize yourself with your state laws first. Consuming and cultivating marijuana are two separate legal matters, so can you grow your own weed in legal states?


The Effects of Weed on Your Body and Mind


Potential Adverse Reactions

You may experience some negative short-term side effects of smoking pot if you’re going over the recommended dosage. 

Stay hydrated whenever you consume marijuana to alleviate some of the common effects like: 

  • Red eyes
  • Cottonmouth
  • Mild paranoia
  • Anxiety or panic
  • Slower reaction time
  • Temporary impairment of short-term memory (during your high)

Keep in mind that not everyone experiences these side effects. Your endocannabinoid system determines how your mind and body process the THC and CBD compounds. Two people can smoke the same strain and have entirely different experiences with weed. 

Cannabis for the mind and body

What are the effects of smoking weed? There’s a fast heart rate with a sensational cerebral buzz and body calm.

If you’re a newbie to the cannabis scene, doing your research before your first toke is a great start. Even experienced marijuana fans need to know how weed is processed in the mind and body. Where it’s good for one person, it may cause unpleasant reactions to the uninitiated.

Consume in moderation and wait for the effects to progress. Remember to keep a drink nearby to alleviate some of those short-term side effects.

Get a batch of cannabis seeds, grow your favorite strain, and activate that reward circuitry with your first harvest.




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