The Lowdown on Bed Skirts: Awaken the Look of Your Bedroom

Do you feel like something is lacking from your bed? Want a quick fix to make it more alluring? You can find the perfect finishing touch in a bed skirt.


Why Use a Bed Skirt?

Bed skirts are made to conceal the foundation or box spring of a bed. Even though they are a little and straightforward addition, hiding the bed’s foundation with a chic cover can have a significant visual effect. Bed skirts, which come in a variety of styles, are a useful way to highlight the pattern, color, and texture of the bedroom’s decor.

A bed skirt can serve additional functional purposes in addition to improving the look and feel of your room. A bed skirt, if long enough to reach the floor, can keep the area under your bed from collecting dust while also allowing you to store things there that are easily accessible yet out of the way.

What Kind of Bed Skirt to Choose?

The Lowdown on Bed Skirts: Awaken the Look of Your Bedroom


An assortment of bed skirts is available on the market today. They can vary in colour, patterns and size. They can have split or pleated corners, be fitted, ruffled, or pleated, with or without lining. Pretty intimidating, huh? But don’t worry; with the aid of this practical introduction to the world of bed skirts, it will be simple for you to select the ideal match for your bed and bedroom.


A conventional cut linen bed skirt can be used to create a modern look without detracting too much from your other bed linens. If you want a classy, uncomplicated look, you can choose this bed skirt’s non-pleated variation. To add a touch of refinement to the design of your bed skirt, choose one that comes with pleats on the sides, or even on both the sides and the corners

A bed skirt with gathered ruffles is the ideal choice if you’re looking to infuse your room with a sense of refined and romantic flair. It adds a beautiful and shabby chic touch to your bedroom and works well with any type of bed linen.

The oversized bed skirt is a unique style that is becoming increasingly popular. It blends well with industrial interiors, making the space feels relaxed and comfortable.


The Lowdown on Bed Skirts: Awaken the Look of Your Bedroom


  • Traditional – This type of bed skirt can have ruffles, pleats or straight fabric. Since the flat sheet to which the bed skirt section is attached is positioned between the mattress and the box spring, removing and replacing this style of bed skirt might be difficult.
  • Wrap around – As the name suggests, this bed skirt wraps around the mattress and is secured in place by an elastic band. Every time you change the sheets, you have to take them off and put them back on after putting the fitted sheet on the mattress.
  • Detachable – Probably the simplest bed skirt to put on and take off this bed skirt. It is generally installed by placing the flat, fitting platform between the mattress and the box spring and fastening it to it with Velcro. Simply remove the skirt’s velcro strips, wash them, and then replace them.


The fabric used for bed skirts is considered less important than the fabric used for bed sheets and comforters because they won’t be in direct contact with your skin. However, some materials may still be a better choice than others since they are stronger and less likely to gather dust.

  • Cotton– Bed skirts made of 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend are the most popular option because they can withstand numerous washing cycles without losing their quality. 
  • Linen–  This robust, premium material made from the flax plant is the top choice for fitted or box-pleat bed skirts due to its ability to keep a pressed crease. However, linen has a tendency to wrinkle after washing, so ironing will probably be necessary to restore the fabric’s smooth appearance.
  • Microfiber- This fabric, which is typically a blend of polyester and nylon, is incredibly strong, very soft, and almost wrinkle-free. It may be worn straight from the dryer to bed without the need for ironing. It does, however, have a tiny static charge, which makes it prone to dust accumulation.

Thread Count

The number of stitches in a square centimeter of cloth is known as the thread count (TC). Bed skirts typically have a thread count of 100 to 300 TC. The pores in the fabric will be more closely spaced the higher the thread count. Fabric with larger pores and fewer thread counts is more likely to collect dust.


The Lowdown on Bed Skirts: Awaken the Look of Your Bedroom


To appear its best, the bed skirt must be the proper size. There is a choice of standard sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and CalKing. You can choose a custom bed skirt if your bed isn’t a common size.

Drop Length 

The drop length you select will determine how well the bed skirt hangs on your bed and creates the perfect look in your bedroom! And gauging the drop is much easier than it might seem to be; all you have to do is use a tape measure to measure the distance from the top of your box spring to the floor.

If you want your ruffled bed skirt’s valance to hang down to the floor, add 5-7 centimeters to your measurements. This will provide a more relaxed appearance.


Feel free to use an eye-catching pattern, stripe, plaid, or solid hue on your bed skirt. It can either be used to blend or stand out with other colors in the space. 

For example, choose a bed skirt with a similar color to that of your headboard to create a consistent bed look. Colors that blend together give the bed a more finished, uniform appearance instead of having a mattress or box spring that is a different color poking out. The color of the bed skirt can match that of the curtain to create a unified appearance. For instance, a grey bed skirt and a grey curtain with yellow trim will look good together.

Make sure the skirt has a lining below it if you decide to use lighter, more translucent colors. Skirts that are white, off-white, or cream can show the bed frame through the fabric.

Should the bed skirt match sheets or comforter? Not exactly. Unless you specifically want a matching look, your bed skirt doesn’t need to be the same color as your bedding. To add interest to the room, you can use a decorative pillow or other design feature instead, Considering the fact that bed skirts are reasonably priced, consider getting a couple of them.  This way you’ll be able to change the look of your bedroom every time you wash your bedding. 

How to Use a Bed Skirt?

The Lowdown on Bed Skirts: Awaken the Look of Your Bedroom


Can you use a bed skirt without a box spring? Any bed can have a bed skirt added to it, even ones without a box spring. Often made to go over the top of the box spring and conceal it, bed skirts can also be used over the bed frame and the area between the bed and the floor. 

It can be difficult tough, to use a bed skirt with slats because the fabric covering the box spring doesn’t produce enough friction to keep the bed skirt in place. Still, this problem can be easily fixed by using glue and a quick sewing technique to create a bed skirt that will stay in place even when the mattress moves around while being used.


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