The Main Benefits of Using a Wool Quilt

Wool has been used throughout human history to create garments, as well as other items, including blankets while this natural material can bring you a number of benefits, especially if you are looking for a type of quilt for your bedroom. In addition, if you are looking for more information about the various types of woollen quilts that are available on the market, you must browse the website of a specialist supplier in Australia because you will be able to identify a type of bedding to use.

Woollen quilts can provide you with a number of advantages, especially when compared with modern alternatives, especially the use of natural materials that can provide you with a high level of warmth and comfort as well as potentially reduce the problem of allergies.

  • Enjoy a great night’s sleep while using quilt made from wool
  • Reduce the problem of allergies
  • High level of comfort and warmth when using a natural woollen quilt


1. Enjoy a great night’s sleep

One of the main benefits of using a wool quilt in your bedroom is that you can enjoy a great night’s sleep. Numerous scientific studies have determined that people who use woollen quilts on their bed are able to enjoy a longer duration of beneficial REM sleep compared with people who use synthetic bedding materials.

Furthermore, woollen bedding has been found to reduce the amount of sleep disturbance that people experience as well as lower the heart rate of people using this type of quilt, meaning it could provide you with a great option if you are looking to improve your sleep patterns.

2. Reduce allergies

Another reason that you should think about using a woollen quilt on your bed is that you can potentially reduce allergies. Indeed, wool is a naturally occurring material, while it is also resistant to mildew and mould. Furthermore, wool absorbs and releases moisture into the atmosphere while it does not create conditions that can cause mould or mildew to thrive.

If someone in your family experiences allergies, then you could think about switching to a woollen quilt because this could potentially reduce the conditions that can cause people to suffer an allergic reaction.

3. High level of comfort

Lastly, wool can provide a high level of comfort and warmth while this material is also naturally fire resistant, meaning that potentially toxic chemicals do not need to be added to woollen quilts to meet safety standards.

This is very different to modern forms of bedding that use synthetic materials because flame-resistant chemicals need to be added in order to ensure a high level of fire resistance. Indeed, woollen quilts have been used throughout human history to provide warmth and comfort to the people that decide to use this type of bedding material.


To conclude, if you want to enjoy a great night’s sleep, as well as reduce the problem of allergies in your home and enjoy a high level of comfort and warmth, then you could think about switching to a woollen quilt in the near future.


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