The Major Benefits Of Having Engineered Hardwood Flooring

With all the available flooring choices out there, choosing a type can be a bit overwhelming. One of the most popular is hardwood flooring – but what exactly is it? Hardwood flooring is any type of wood that has been processed to make it ready for use as a floor covering and comes in various types.

Engineered hardwood floors are among the most popular options on the market today because they are more economical than solid hardwoods and offer many of the same benefits. Here are the major benefits of having these types of floors. 



Engineered hardwood flooring is created by bonding a thin layer of wood to multiple layers of plywood. This makes it much more affordable than solid hardwoods, although engineered floors offer many of the same benefits as their solid wood counterparts. In fact, many experts agree that because they’re made from such dense materials, these types of floors are much stronger than most other varieties. 

They do tend to be heavier and require the use of underlayment and they aren’t available in the wide variety of species that solid hardwoods are but for those who want a quality product without spending a lot of money, this is one of the best options out there. 

Non-Toxic Finishes And No VOCs

These types of floors are also available with non-toxic finishes that don’t off-gas, making them a great choice for homes with young children and pets. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content is another thing to consider when choosing new flooring. 

The chemicals in many veneers can be toxic and cause severe respiratory issues if they’re inhaled for long periods of time. Since engineered hardwood floors don’t contain any VOCs or other harmful ingredients, this makes them safer than many types of flooring options out there.

They do require the use of additional sealants, but these products are generally considered healthier than those used on solid hardwood floors. Most importantly, they can be installed over radiant heating systems without having any negative impact on the performance of the system.


Benefits Of Having Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Easy To Clean

Most wood flooring can be a bit tricky to keep clean because there are cracks, gaps, and other areas where dust and dirt tend to collect. This isn’t the case with engineered floors. These types of floors feature a slightly textured surface that doesn’t allow for settling or accumulation of dirt. They do need to be dusted regularly but applying a damp mop will help get rid of most stains and spills without any problems whatsoever. 

Plus this type of flooring’s resistant to mold growth. It is not water-resistant in the same way laminate, cork, or some other novelties can be but it does repel liquids very well so it doesn’t end up wet on your floor at home as other varieties would. If you are looking for a low-maintenance floor, this is one of the best choices on the market. 

The Different Colors And Styles You Can Choose From

If you’re looking to get a hardwood floor, engineered floors offer one of the widest varieties in terms of color and style options. In addition, because they are made from multiple layers of plywood, they may feature intricate designs or even wood grains that aren’t always available on solid species.

It does depend on what manufacturer you choose but most companies will have a large variety to help make sure your new flooring can fit into your home’s design perfectly. 

Installation Is Very Quick And Easy

Some flooring types require more work than others but when it comes to engineered floors, they are very straightforward to install. In fact, because there are multiple layers of material to work with, laying these down is much quicker than installing solid hardwoods. They also require less prep and fewer tools on the part of the installer.

Even if you’re not a professional flooring expert yourself, this is one type that almost anyone can handle with minimal difficulty – making it even more affordable for most homeowners


In today’s busy world, it’s easy to forget about your home’s flooring needs and not take care of them until something goes wrong. With so many types of options on the market, though, this can be a costly mistake that leads to bigger issues in the future. They are an affordable solution – without sacrificing quality – for those who want one of the best kinds of floors available.

They’re available with durable finishes and non-toxic gluing systems that keep both you and your loved ones safe from harmful fumes while still offering a high level of beauty relative to their cost. For anyone on a budget but who still needs a high-quality flooring option, these are an obvious choice. 


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