The Major Roles of a Strata Manager in Strata Maintenance and why it is Important for our Office and Home

If you are an owner of a strata property – a vertical building or a building complex, then you must be knowing it very well that how tough it is to manage each & everything that is related to building management. Right from the basic maintenance, its finances to its administration, building management requires proficiency. So, you necessarily need to hire professional strata manager who would take care of the entire strata maintenance.

Not many people are completely aware of the complete roles and responsibilities of a strata manager. If you are new to this too as well, then you have indeed in the right place. This write-up highlights several jobs that are involved in strata maintenance and how the strata managers take care of these. And you would be surprised to see the wide number of roles that a strata manager has on his plate.

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Picture 1 Strata Manager in Strata Maintenance


Duties involved in strata maintenance 

The duties involved in strata maintenance are as follows:

  • Looking after major matters that are related to taxation and finance – A professional Adelaide Strata Management company is responsible for ensuring the financial health of a strata property. They chalk out the right annual budget for the strata property that you possess, issue levies, and ensure all the owners make the levy tax payments wherever required. A strata manager would make certain that the strata property is not lacking is in terms of finances & taxation in any possible way.
  • Ensuring safety compliances – No matter whatever is the size of a strata property, there are several safety compliances that need to be adhered to. Right from lift certifications to fire safety, your strata property must be covered properly in every aspect. One of the major duties of a strata manager is to ensure that the concerned property is fully compliant with all the necessary safety regulations that have been set by the regional government. So, this is one of the major duties that are counted under strata maintenance.
  • Conducting necessary meetings – Another very crucial job that a professional strata manager is responsible for is running the needed committee meetings and ensuring that all the parties are always kept well informed regarding the meeting schedules.
  • A strata manager would ensure time to time correspondence and maintain schedules of meetings. The professional strata managers facilitate the insurance of your strata property. When it is to renew the insurance, they also coordinate with insurance brokers for new quotations.


Pictun mre 1 Strata Manager in Strata Maintenance


  • Maintaining the concerned strata property – Like several other properties, the strata property needs some regular maintenance. A strata manager would always ensure that all the relevant properties are well-kept and inform all the members regarding the meetings. The role of strata manager is not just limited to conducting meetings. The company would also ensure that the strata property is always maintained in a top shape all through the year. They also, obtain quotations from the contractors on the behalf of the members and hire, gardeners, plumbers, electrician, and cleaners. He would always ensure that not a single part of the property is overlooked or neglected.
  • Resolving disputes – A strata manager would resolve all the possible disputes that can probably arise within the strata property’s premises between the owners & tenants. They serve as mediators & always ensure that harmony is properly maintained within the strata property premises. They can also enforce certain kinds of strata schemes. 


Strata maintenance is best done by professional strata managers who know every part of the job well and handle everything in an organized manner.



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