The Most Popular Bathroom Colors in 2023

Are you planning a bathroom remodel or a complete overhaul?

With the previous pandemic, home purchasing skyrocketed to all-time record numbers. People who already owned homes remodeled their bathrooms to keep their families safe from infections, and first-time buyers did the same.

Updating a bathroom remodel is a quick way to increase your home’s value big time!

It’s not easy to make big decisions on large remodels. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide outlining the most popular bathroom colors! Read on to discover what colors will look best in your new bathroom.


Shades of Green

Rich, calming greens like sage and seafoam have taken the home design industry by storm. This is due to their versatility, sophistication, and calming effect. Both shades come in a variety of tones and textures, so creating a look that is both chic and timeless is easy.

Pairing green hues with clean whites creates a timeless, elegant look ideal for a tranquil bathroom space. For those who prefer something a little more daring, striking contrasting colors such as yellows, oranges, pinks, or blues also work well with green. Green is a wonderful choice for bathroom colors, bringing a sense of balance and harmony to the space.


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Warm Earthy Tones

As we move forward into 2023, warm earthy tones of the bathroom continue to rise in popularity among home decorators and redecorators. These natural yet contemporary colors blend nicely with modern design. They are perfect for bringing a cozy ambiance to the bathroom.

From pale sandy shades to darker hues of warming terracotta and cool graphite greys to warm stone grays – designers have enjoyed expressing their creative vision with this easy-to-adapt color palette.


The Most Popular Bathroom Colors in 2023


Metal Hues

Metal hues such as steel, bronze, nickel, and chrome colors are chosen for their sleek and modern look that pairs well with contemporary styles. The bright and reflective properties of metallics help to transform a bathroom space, creating a feeling of spaciousness, elegance, and luxury.

They also provide a practical solution for modern homes, as they are easy to clean quickly and don’t require a lot of upkeep. These metallic hues also add great contrast against darker tones, adding a touch of light to any space.


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Dark Tones

Dark tones remain popular in bathroom painting in 2023, though muted hues that incorporate deep and mysterious shades have become a common choice.

An intentionally chosen dark color like navy blue, charcoal gray, or deep purple can provide an elegant, modern vibe to a bathroom. These colors give off a sense of sophistication that brings an air of refinement to the area. Despite the drama that these colors can invoke, they can still be calming and stylish in an even muted tone.

Minor use of the darker tones in tile, shower heads, and accessories allows for plenty of opportunity to mix and match with more neutral tones, like beige and light gray. The versatility of dark tones provides homeowners flexibility when creating a haven to relax and rejuvenate while still allowing for creative flair.

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The Most Popular Bathroom Colors in 2023


Popular Bathroom Colors for the New Year

2023 promises a mix of versatile, calming, and modern bathroom colors. With a variety of shades to fit individual styles and budgets, the sky is the limit. Check out the latest trends to create a modern bathroom and make that bathroom your favorite room. Your friends and family will be impressed!

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