The Most Popular Types of House Styles: A Buying Guide

Are you looking for a living space, perhaps looking to buy or rent a place that will suit your needs and style? You need to be aware of what types of houses are available and whether these suit your needs and within your budget. Here, we’ve put together the most common types of house styles and all you need to know about them.


Common House Types

1. Apartment Units  

  • Usually Found In Urban areas, generally in central business districts or inner cities. 
  • Price Point: Broad; there are apartments for practically every budget.

Commonly known as blocks of flats, these range from studios to three- or four-bedroom units. Apartments are an excellent choice for those who can’t afford to buy a detached home. Along with standardized security and maintenance, they offer amenities such as fitness centers and swimming pools.

Types of House Styles


2. Terraced Housing

Originally built in the 19th century, the Victorian aesthetic of two-story terraced houses is part of their charm. These also have ample living space and a bit of greenery that doesn’t take much to maintain. Visit for more info.


  • Usually Found In Prime suburban areas
  • Price Point: Reasonable, as these are under a Strata title. However, homeowners need to pay annual fees for property maintenance and upkeep.

A modernized spin on terraced housing, townhouses are usually built as multiple unit blocks, have a smaller property area, and several floors. Townhouses are a popular choice for young families who want more space than an apartment.


Types of House Styles


3. Semi-detached Homes

  • Usually Found In Suburban areas

Not to be confused with duplexes, semi-detached homes are two houses joined by a common wall but have separate lots. These are more spacious than either apartments or townhouses but do not need as much maintenance and care as a detached house.

Types of House Styles



  • Usually Found In Suburban areas

Duplexes are homes with a shared central wall and are, essentially, mirror images of each other. These are built on a single lot and usually require a single home insurance policy covering both houses. Because the lot is, essentially, common ground between two households, homeowners may need to consult with their neighbors on gardening arrangements and related matters. Duplexes are popular choices for those considering income property.

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Stand-Alone/Detached Homes

  • Usually Found In Suburban areas

These are freestanding structures that run the gamut from single-story bungalows to multiple-story structures depending on the size of the lots. Owning the lot gives a homeowner carte blanche when it comes to designing a stand-alone house, as long as they follow community-building regulations. Paying land rates can be expensive, but it helps to look at the house as a long-term investment, and it gives young families room to grow.

british detatched house Types of House Styles



Knowing what house types are available enables potential home-buyers to make more informed decisions. You can decide what to buy or build that is best for your budget. In doing so, you can choose the best possible home for you and your family.


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