The Most Surprising Benefits Of Tinting Your Home Windows

 Window tinting is a method of applying thin laminate film that may be applied to the inside or outside of glass surfaces in vehicles, boats, as well as in residences, and other structures. It is made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

The rate of absorption and reflection for all the windows varies, while the minimum percentage of solar heat rejection is 19% in single-pane windows. Now consider that; tinted windows may reject up to 45% of heat, and if you use energy-saving films, you can lower heat by an astounding 84%.

Moreover, window tinting helps save individuals from hazardous UV rays from the sun. As UV rays are rising rapidly that is harmful to all humans. Alone in the U.S, over 3 million people have been diagnosed with squamous and basal skin cancer, which is mainly because by UV rays.


 The Most Surprising Benefits Of Tinting Your Home Windows


Some Of The Major Surprising Benefits Of Tinting Your Home Windows

  • Health Protection

UV rays are dangerous for the health of human beings and overexposure to them can lead to skin cancer and also result in other skin problems.

Tinting windows can help in obstructing up to 99% of UV rays. The protection percentage will depend upon the percentage of window tint you use.

  • Window Strength

Window tinting assists in adding a sheet of strength to your window panes. Some window tints are specially made to enhance additional strength as compared to an average window pane. The increased strength assists in preventing window breakage. The harder the window is to break; it prevents harm from the storm or home invasion.

  • Privacy

Window tints are available in a variety of designs in the market for various purposes. You can use window tint for privacy as they provide a very limited view of your house from outside and don’t enable anyone to know what’s going inside.


The Most Surprising Benefits Of Tinting Your Home Windows


  •  Asset Protection

UV rays also have unfavorable effects on your home valuables like fabric and furniture. It fades your furniture color with just 4 to 6 months of exposure. Applying window tint can help in protecting your fabric and furniture.

  • Constant Temperature

All rooms in your house get a varied amount of sunlight because of the length of the windows and the direction in which the room is facing the sun. That results in different temperatures in different rooms. Well, this problem can be eliminated by placing window tinting that will stop heat from entering the rooms, and the temperature of all rooms will be constant.

  • Helps In Reducing Glare

Placing a home window tint not only helps in blocking the sunlight but also blocks the light glare that comes from the glass.

  • Increased Home Value

Window tinting is a house modification project that helps in providing an aesthetic attraction to your home and enhances the overall price. That can be a selling fact in the future.

  • Conservation of Energy

Conservation of energy is one of the best window tinting business opportunities. The vast amount of heat is let in by your house windows, no matter the size. This makes your home subject to heat.

This problem can be resolved by installing window tinting in your home that will help in preventing heat from entering your house and making your windows energy-efficient.

  • Aesthetic Attraction

Home window tinting assists in making your house look impressive.  It will combine some sophisticated features while retaining a warm atmosphere.


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