The Perfect Bush Furniture Collection for Every Interior

Since spending the majority of our time socially distancing and working remotely, the interior of our home has never seemed more important. If anything didn’t visually work or was aesthetically unpleasant pre-pandemic, now we have to face it virtually every day. This is why every Bush Furniture collection is created to keep in mind that the overall design of your interior needs to be cohesive and connected. Every piece needs to blend in effortlessly, looking harmoniously with the rest of your furniture.

Let’s see which Bush Furniture collection is right for your needs based on your current interior.


Classic and Traditional

A timeless and classical design will never be out of style, this is why opting for a traditional look when choosing your interior is always a great idea.

If you are looking to revamp your home office space in a timeless and traditional style, the Somerset Bush Furniture Collection is the perfect answer to your needs. Somerset offers a huge variety of desks — including height-adjustable and L-shaped ones — and different storage solutions for your work manuals, books, and files.

For a timeless, professional look, check out the Saratoga Executive and Yorktown collections. The traditional and distinguished style will make your office truly stand out and transform it into your home’s centerpiece.


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Rustic and Industrial

If you’re a fan of industrial designs, the beautiful Anthropology Bush Furniture Collection is perfect for your home.

Anthropology fuses glass, metal, and wood to give your home a rustic industrial feel. This gorgeous Bush Furniture collection offers a wide range of writing desks, chairs, accent tables, and different storage solutions.

Two of the products that really stand out are the L-shaped desks and lateral file cabinets.

L-shaped desks are perfect for those who want an ample and organized work surface that doesn’t occupy too much space in a room. The lateral file cabinets and various storage solutions of the Anthropology Bush Furniture Collection look gorgeous in any interior, and provide ample space to store files, books, manuals, and more.

Another option to choose from is the Refinery Bush Furniture Collection, which offers shelving solutions with unique geometrical shapes that look effortlessly stylish in any room and add a clean and organized touch to any home.


If you’re looking for a modern design with unique geometric compositions, Madison Avenue from kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture is the collection designed just for you. The unique designs of the office tables and storage solutions are perfect for those who want to add an upscale touch to their home.

If you’re looking for modern minimalist office furniture, the Bristol collection is a must. The two-tone gray finish adds a modern flair to your interior, and the many practical functions of every piece will make your home office neat and organized.


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A vintage look will always be in vogue, and this is why Kathy Ireland created the mesmerizing Ironworks Bush Furniture Collection, which will transform your home into an antique paradise. The finishes this kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture collection offers are blended with Aged Bronze steel to create a wonderful and lasting charm.

Farmhouse Design

Nothing makes a room feel cozier and more relaxed than a farmhouse design, and Kathy Ireland created the Cottage Grove and River Brook Collections with that in mind.

The River Brook kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Collection is your go-to if you want to add a relaxing and calming vibe to your bedroom. Browse through the various dressers, mirrors, and storage solutions in your choice of a single color or a two-tone finish.

Looking to buy cheap furniture online? The Salinas Bush Furniture Collection is one of the most traditional yet versatile collections you could invest in. From your entryway to your workspace or living room, this farmhouse-style collection offers a wide range of pieces to choose from.

Lastly, the Cottage Grove kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Collection adds a touch of casual charm to any living space in your home with desks, office furniture, and storage solutions in a variety of beautiful finishes to choose from. The diagonal wood accents and distressed finishes fuse together to add a relaxed feel to any room.


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