The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Cyclone Spa

Many people across the globe are constantly finding themselves itching for a home makeover every so often. While the indoors are usually favored, the outdoor areas are gaining more attention, too. And, a swim spa is one popular feature these days meant to spruce up any outdoor space or backyard.

As its name implies, a swim spa is a combination of a swimming pool and a jet spa. It may have the size of a small swimming pool, but with the added feature of jet and current from a spa. There are many reputable brands to choose from, one of the best being Cyclone Spas.

Before heading out to buy one, go through this list of pros and cons first to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should push through with purchasing a Cyclone swim spas.


The Pros

-It May Be Easier To Maintain

One of the top advantages of purchasing a swim spa is that it may be easier to maintain compared to a usual swimming pool. First, this fact is due to the size. Second, unlike a swimming pool, you don’t have pool tiles or wood decks to clean and maintain.

The installer will give you care instructions when you purchase a Cyclone swim spa. Likewise, you can trust a good after-installation service offered by the company. They can do some of the maintenance tasks you may not be able to carry out on your own.

-It Can Be Used For A Wide Variety Of Functions

While called a swim spa, the Cyclone spa isn’t limited only to spa-related functions. You can do many more activities with it, from basic activities, like hanging around with friends in the pool, to more technical stuff, such as doing exercises.

You can do a wide range of exercises while in your swim spa, one of which is rowing. You can switch on the current for a spa-like feel, or you can even turn it off and make use of the swim spa like you would an ordinary swimming pool for when kids have parties or friends over.

-It May Be Good For Your Health

Any form of swimming is good for your health. So, while you may not be able to practice competitive swimming in your Cyclone swim spa, you can still regularly perform some physical exercises.

In contrast to other forms of exercise, swimming in your Cyclone spa may also be more fun. This makes exercising more tolerable, so it’s something you’ll look forward to rather than dread. Because you’re excited to exercise in your swim spa, it may be easier for you to keep up with your exercises, thus contributing to better over health.

-It Enables You To Do Hydrotherapy

Proponents of hydrotherapy will convince you of the many advantages that come along with practicing it regularly. Say, you’ve long wanted to try it out, but you must travel far to access a swimming pool. Add to that discomfort the need to shower and change in a shared bathroom.

With your Cyclone spa at home, you can enjoy hydrotherapy’s benefits without any hassle. You can swim anytime you wish, without having to travel far.

Hydrotherapy is advantageous to try out, with a long string of promising health benefits, like:

  • Helping you get your body back on track after muscle pain and injury using the combination of heated water and buoyancy
  • Helping increase blood circulation
  • Increasing endorphin production

The Cons

-It May Not Be Ideal For Practicing Swimming Strokes

However, one of the cons of a swim spa is that it may not be ideal to use if your purpose is to practice swimming strokes. When it’s switched on, the strong current won’t be able to mimic a swimming pool’s natural current. As a result, you won’t get realistic figures of your time and progress when you practice swimming in a swim spa.

-It May Be Too Small For Your Family To Use

This next con is subjective, as it depends on your family size. If you have many family members, the Cyclone swim spa may be too small for all of you to use comfortably in one go. Add up to that number your guests, should you use it when entertaining.

This con, however, isn’t absolute. If the adults let the kids have their time in the swim spa, its size will be sufficient. Moreover, this problem would be nonexistent if you had a separate swimming pool, with the Cyclone swim spa only as an add-on feature, like a jacuzzi.


Purchasing a swim spa is a big decision to make. So, it’s not one you should rush into without giving it some careful thought first. The pros and cons above should be more than enough to help you make the right choice, so you can be certain that your swim spa won’t be a regrettable purchase. Moreover, you can’t go wrong with a good brand, like Cyclone. You know your swim spa will last you through so many years of good use.


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