The Right Color For The Right Season – How To Play With Decor And Design

It is always going to matter what color you choose for your walls. Yes, nothing is more personal than color and this is why your home often becomes your reflection when you design it yourself. The lighting, style, textures, and materials that you use, define who you are and what your persona is. Let’s understand a few basics of coloring your home right away:


1. Talking About White To Freshen Up Things

Yes, the color white can do a lot of different things for your home. Whether it is your interior or exterior, by adding just a touch of white to the primary color that you want to use, you can change the entire texture and feel of the final output. White adds a bit of mildness, softness, and elegance to your whole decor. You can also choose pale white accents for your balconies, patios, staircases, and railings as well, especially when you’re designing your exterior.


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2. Choose Your Colors Wisely

It is important to understand the basics of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. When it comes to pigments, the colors red, blue, and yellow are your primary hues. Secondary colors are the ones that are formed when you combine two or more of the primary colors, for example, red and yellow can be combined to make orange.

Tertiary colors are when you combine one primary and one secondary color, for example, orange and blue can be combined to make a vivid brown. Combine each of these colors with a little bit of white and you have a subtle version of each shade.


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3. What About The Lighting?

A lot of people do not understand that different colors and textures play differently with the kind of light they want to put up. For example, a pale gray wall is going to look extremely washed out if you use a big white LED bulb. But if you replace that with a subtle pale yellow lampshade, the impact is going to be totally different.

The same is recommended by several Painting Companies for Homes and Buildings across the city. They also tell you to change your lighting scheme as seasons change. For example, combining warm lights with a cool color is a great idea for winters. And if you want a cooler appearance, replace those warm lights with neutral lighting.


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4. Color Tones Also Matter A Lot

You can go with neutral shades by choosing pale versions of your primary color palette. Similarly, if you go towards a little bit of yellow or red, you will be opting for a warm tone. If you go with something that has more of green, blue, or purple, you will be inclining towards a cool tone. It is always better to paint a sample area with the color of your choice before you settle upon a color scheme for your house.


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Final Thoughts

Wasn’t that fun? And you haven’t even started playing with color yet. There is so much to do and learn while you redesign and redefine your home and its personality.


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