The Secret Behind Cleaning Pet Stains on Carpet

Did you know that two out of every three households in the US have a pet?

From dogs and cats to hamsters and rabbits, we’re a nation of pet lovers! But, our furry friends don’t live in our homes without leaving a mark, and some can be very hard to clear up.

If you’re struggling with pet stains on carpet, you may feel like it’s a lost cause. But fortunately, there are some secret methods of removing stubborn marks left by your animals that you may not know about!

Read on to find out more.


How to Clean Urine Pet Stains on Carpet

Pet pee on the carpet is a nuisance and can leave behind an awful smell. To get rid of it, follow a two-step approach. Start by cleaning the area with a natural enzyme cleaner, which will break down the urine. You can follow this up with another cleaner – such as a carpet cleaner – if you want to be sure the urine has gone, but this isn’t always necessary.

Then, neutralize any remaining odors with baking soda. Sprinkle onto the carpet, leave for at least an hour, and vacuum away.


The Secret Behind Cleaning Pet Stains on Carpet


How to Clean Pet Vomit on Carpet

Out of all of the carpet pet stains, you’d be surprised how many are vomit! Dogs, in particular, can be prone to vomiting on carpet, and the marks it leaves behind are tough.

First, ensure all of the vomit is removed from the carpet. Then, combine warm water with white vinegar to create a strong cleaning solution. Gently scrub your carpet with the solution and blot dry with a paper towel.

If you can still see stains after cleaning, use a steam cleaner on your floor. This will help get rid of stubborn marks and odors for a squeaky clean carpet!


The Secret Behind Cleaning Pet Stains on Carpet


Removing Poop Stains From Your Carpet

If your furry friend has pooped on your carpet, the first step is to remove as much as you can. Use a plastic putty knife to get underneath the poop, which will help prevent you from squashing it into the fibers. Then, apply cold water instantly to the area and blot with paper towels to remove any remnants.

Next, use an enzyme cleaner or carpet cleaner to rid your carpet of any remaining fecal matter. Sprinkle any remaining marks with baking soda, apply white vinegar, and leave the solution to sit overnight before vacuuming.


The Secret Behind Cleaning Pet Stains on Carpet


Professional Cleaning Is Important

When it comes to how to clean pet stains, there are many tips and tricks that can help rid your home of small marks. But if your pets are frequently urinating or causing havoc on your carpets, you should hire professional carpet cleaners. Carpet Cleaning services are a sure way to rid your home of odors and stains left behind by furry friends.


jioji Cleaning Pet Stains on Carpet

What Next?

Now you know how to remove pet stains on carpet, it’s time to stock up on the products mentioned! An enzyme cleaner, white vinegar, and baking soda are essentials in every pet owner’s cupboard.

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