The Ultimate Guide For Appliance Repairs

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Did you know that spending on emergency home appliance repair issues grew by 42% recently? That’s why it’s smart to commit to routine maintenance — and know what to expect. When you look around your home, make sure you know how to spot a home appliance issue.

Read on to find the ultimate guide to appliance repairs!


Watch your Fridge

What happens when your refrigerator starts going downhill? Aside from lukewarm food, you’ll hear and see some telltale signs. A sweating fridge could indicate a blown gasket, while a buzzing motor means things aren’t looking good.

There’s no sense in dealing with spoiled food. Reach out to Asurion Appliance Repair technicians when your fridge is acting up. They’ll be able to tell you if you need a new electronic control board — or a new fridge.


The Ultimate Guide For Appliance Repairs

Consider Your Dishwasher

Unless you love handwashing dishes, a dishwasher is a key kitchen appliance — so treat it well. That’s why you’ll need to call a repair technician if you see a mini-lake at the bottom of the unit when you open the door.

Dishwashers tend to last around 10 years, but frequent use can shorten the lifespan. You’ll know this, too, if you open the door and see cold and dirty dishes.

To get the most from your dishwasher, be gentle with the door. Opening and closing it too aggressively can weaken the hinge and seal. And avoid overloading the dishwasher to extend the unit’s lifespan.

Ranges Are a Key Kitchen Appliance

To heat soup or bake lasagna, you’ll need a functional range. But once you hit the 10-year mark on your range, it could start showing signs of wear.

Your cooktop’s heating element might have a failed spark ignition switch that keeps it from heating up. It’s also possible the burner just decided to stop working.

Over time, your oven’s temperature sensor may fail, causing it not to reach adequate temperatures for cooking. Or the gasket on the door can wear down, making it hard to close. Make sure you get a repair technician before it’s time to cook your Thanksgiving turkey!

Keep Tabs on Your Washer and Dryer

If you’ve ever budgeted for a new washer or dryer, you know they’re not cheap. For a solid dryer or washer, you could be spending at least $500.

But you need your laundry appliance system to work properly if you want clean clothes. That’s why it’s critical to keep your vents clear and avoid overloading either machine.

Dryer repair issues can include bad thermal fuses or bad heating elements. Your dryer might not run or you’ll notice that if it does run, the clothing doesn’t get dry. In both instances, you’ll need to replace the parts.


The Ultimate Guide For Appliance Repairs


Prepare for Appliance Repairs

Investing in appliance repairs might not be your favorite pastime — but it’s critical for your quality of life. Listen for unusual buzzing noises in your fridge and look for dingy dishes in your dishwasher. And if your range won’t heat up, it’s time to reach out to a repair technician.

Find more tips to mend the broken appliance in your life. Check back soon for new and informative articles!


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