The Ultimate Home Seller’s Checklist: Sell Your Home in No Time!

Did you know that existing-home sales are expected to climb by 9% this year? This is great news for those looking to sell their homes! However, selling a house can be a daunting process. With this selling home checklist, things won’t be so hard. Read on to learn more.


Find a Real Estate Agent

Resist the urge to sell a home yourself because you want to avoid paying real estate agent fees. Instead, find the right agent by researching the top professionals in your area.

Chances are, you’ll find a few agents that seem to be a good fit. To narrow down the search, conduct interviews and ask these questions.

Spruce Up Your Exterior

We need to get one thing straight in our selling home checklist; your exterior is just as important as the interior. Buyers will judge a book by its cover and rule out your home before stepping a foot inside.

To prepare to sell your home, you may have to invest in some outdoor fixes. Luckily, these are simple and generally cost-effective. All it may take are some planted flowers to change a buyer’s mind.

Declutter Your Home

Start packing up things you don’t need in an attempt to declutter the home. This is an essential step to attract more buyers.

When getting a home ready to sell, clean visible areas first. Don’t forget to declutter behind doors because nothing is off-limits for homebuyers to look at.

Homebuyers won’t like the idea of a house with too much stuff. You want others to pictures themselves living in the home, not living in your idea of the home.

Along with decluttering, you need to depersonalize the space. Remove personal items like family photos and bold pieces of artwork. You may need to remove certain furniture to make the home more appealing to general buyers.


the ultimate selling home checklist


Add Some Plants

If you already consider yourself a plant parent, you can probably skip this step on our home selling checklist! If not, step up your plant game and bring more green in for home showings.

Plants create a welcoming and bright environment that people want to be in. Even something as simple as placing some flowers on tables can cause a positive reaction in homebuyers.

Do a Smell Test

The last thing we want to cover on this selling your home checklist is a smell test. Even the smallest odors can turn buyers off to your property.

You may not notice these smells so it is best to bring in a third party to conduct the testing for you. If they find an odd smell, start deep cleaning the home to get rid of it.

Follow This Selling Home Checklist

Everyone needs a little help when selling their home. This selling home checklist is the perfect start!

By following the tips in this guide, your house is sure to sell sooner than later. Start preparing your home for sale now!

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