The Ultimate House Moving Checklist You Need for a Smooth Move

Americans are restless. 22% of Americans moved or knew someone who moved due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That percentage accounts for tens of millions of people.

Many people are moving without much thought put into it. But you need to have a house moving checklist if you want to move without difficulty.

What should you do six weeks before you move? When should you talk to moving companies? How can you have a smooth packing process?

Answer these questions and you can do everything you need to do before you move. Here is the best checklist for moving house.


Get Your Belongings Together

Six weeks before you move, you should go through your house and sort through your belongings. You should separate the things you will take from the things you will leave behind.

Put the things you will take into cardboard and plastic boxes. You can place items you have not decided on in the corner.

Talk to Moving Companies

You should start contacting moving companies within six weeks of your move. Try to get a quote from one and then compare it to another company’s quote.

Prioritize local moving companies over international and statewide companies. If you are moving downtown, find downtown movers. They tend to offer more services at less expense.

Start Packing 

Putting items you want to keep into boxes is a good initial step. But you need to do more than that.

You should keep like items together. Dishes should go with other dishes, while books should stay with books. You may need to use bubble wrap and packing paper in order to keep everything safe and tidy.

Say Your Goodbyes

There are many things to do when moving house. But you need to take some time to say goodbye to your friends, family members, and work associates.

Spend some time every night saying goodbye to people. Give them ways of contacting you, including through sending letters to your new address. Feel free to invite people over for dinner and coffee.

A good way to kill two birds with one stone is to give people items you don’t want to keep. This lets you offload your unnecessary possessions and form stronger ties with people before you leave.

Execute Your Move

You must know what to check on moving day. You should check for your important documents, toiletries, and medications.

The night before your move, draft up a moving out of house checklist. You should check the list as you go about your moving day, inspecting boxes and bags to make sure you have everything. You can ask your moving company for advice on what to do when moving house.

Write Your House Moving Checklist

A house moving checklist should have several steps on it. You should be sorting through your items more than a month before moving day. You should also talk to moving companies.

Once you schedule a moving date, you should start to pack. Keep like items together and use labels so you keep track of everything.

Make sure you meet everyone important to you before you go. Monitor the process on moving day and inspect boxes to make sure you have everything.

You can break each step in the checklist down. Read more moving guides by following our coverage.

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