These are the 3 Best Home Security Gadgets That You Can’t Live Without

You can never be too careful or too cautious about home security. No matter how tight you think your home’s physical security is, it’s almost impossible to be 100 percent sure that a break-in won’t happen. After all, if someone is determined, a side window left ajar or a strong kick is all they need to invade your home. For your safety and peace of mind, a home security system is a must. Keep reading to find out the home security gadgets you should invest in.


1. Driveway Alarm

Many people rely on a home alarm to stay safe inside their property. But wouldn’t it make more sense to install a security device that stops an intruder the second they step onto your home’s perimeter? This is where a driveway alarm can help.

Often working with motion technology, the kinds of driveway alarms that you can view here alert you and your neighbors when any intruders or unwanted visitors encroach on your private property. As well as offering a range of alert tones, these alarms allow you to program different zones around your property and along your driveway to stop potential intruders in their tracks.

2. Smart Doorbell

No matter how safe a house is, it’s wise to invest in smart technology that monitors those approaching your front door or coming within a certain distance of your home. Smart doorbells integrate alarm systems and video surveillance to capture people scoping our your home. They can also detect unwanted visitors on your neighbor’s property, enabling the sharing of security information should a break-in happen close by.

What’s more, you’re able to monitor the footage from these alarms from your smartphone. This means you can keep an eye on your home security system even if you’re away on vacation and more at more risk of a break-in.

3. Smart Lock

Maintaining a safe home environment is all about understanding the most common break-in methods and how to avoid them. Many people think that burglars are criminal masterminds but in reality, they often rely on brute force or basic yet efficient break-in methods like lock snapping.

Normal locking systems provide zero protection from intruders kicking your door open or snapping your lock. For this reason, smart locks and handles with fingerprint readers and hardier mechanisms are a wise investment. Some of the latest models also include concealed ‘attack rods’ that engage when the device detects force or a potential attack, preventing lock snapping.

The Best Home Security Gadgets to Invest In

The best way to approach home security is by layering your defenses.

Smart home security gadgets like locks and doorbells are great for monitoring and securing your home. But protecting your home’s perimeters means there’s a lot less chance of them getting anywhere near your property in the first place.

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