PVC Kitchen Cabinets – All You Have to Know About Them

While PVC is generally a material used for the construction of pipes, it is a fact that PVC kitchen cabinets are in nowadays because of their durability. PVC is a type of plastic that resists water and can stand the test of time for many years. That’s why it is being utilized to make PVC kitchen cabinets. PVC is a plastic composite.

Not all PVC cabinets are equal and have the same characteristics. PVC kitchen cabinets are sorted into two categories, which are hollow PVC board and foam PVC board. Both are good but do not share the same features and durability. Hollow models provide more storage space and are easier to install. On the other side, foam PVC boards are long-lasting, do not provide too much room, but can last decades. Foam PVC cabinets and wood cabinets are equally durable.

With that being said, we’ll go into the ins and outs of PVC kitchen cabinets. We’ll talk about their features, their pros and cons, and the types of PVC available on the market. Keep reading to learn more.


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PVC kitchen cabinets


PVC cabinet installation process

The installation process of PVC kitchen cabinets is very simple since PVC is not heavy and does not require finishing. PVC kitchen cabinets are ready-to-fit boards, which reduces the installation time. Aside from that, PVC kitchen cabinets are available in grey, green, white, black, and other colors.

But there’s still a difference in the installation process between PVC foam cabinets and hollow cabinets. PVC foam cabinets can be tricky to install and usually require expert advice. Likewise, it is hard to find a solution to fix improper finishing on PVC foam cabinets. So, make sure the installers you hire are experienced in the PVC installation field.

For self installation, PVC cabinet installation is a relatively simple process that usually only requires the use of a few tools and some ladders. Here’s how it typically works:

1) Remove any old cabinets or countertops from the area where you intend to install your new PVC cabinet. This will help in keeping dust and other debris away from the newly installed vinyl material.

2) Measure and mark out the location of your new PVC cabinet on the wall using pencil, tape measure, or equations based on measurements taken during step 1.

3) Cut out the necessary sections of vinyl with a jigsaw or other suitable tool, following your marked lines exactly. Make sure to take care not to cut into existing pipes or plumbing systems!

4) Install each section of vinyl by aligning it correctly against its corresponding hole, then pressing down until secure. If there are any gaps between sections (due to imperfections in your Vinyl), use an extra layer of silicone caulk to fill them in completely (make sure all expansions/contraction chambers have been filled). Allow time for this adhesive sealant to dry before painting over it – otherwise paint may run when wetting down areas again later on…which defeats muchofthe purpose!


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Pros of PVC kitchen cabinets

  • They are more economical than wood cabinets

Although there are solely two types of PVC kitchen cabinets on the market, there are many models and all are easy to find online. Consequently, they are more affordable than wood cabinets. Installing a PVC board can cost less than installing a wood cabinet, as well. Therefore, this is a more cost-effective choice.

  • You can customize them to your own specifications

You can choose between various colors and designs, which means that you can create a personalized kitchen perfectly suited to your needs and style (and budget).

  • They’re durable

PVC cabinets are typically built to last longer than other types of cabinet construction, making them a good choice for high-traffic areas or those that are frequently used.

  •  They’re eco-friendly

Carbon dioxide emissions from manufactured PVC products is lower than traditional building materials like wood and steel, so it’s environmentally friendly as well.

  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean

As you may know, wood kitchen cabinets can be stained very easily since they wick liquids and water. PVC kitchen cabinets do not do so. They don’t absorb water and rot as you’d expect from cabinets made of wood.

  • Resists rotting, corrosion, and pests

Since ants and termites do not corrode or eat through plastic, you don’t have to worry about insects destroying your PVC cupboard. Not only is PVC water-resistant but is also no food for insects.


Cons of PVC kitchen cabinets

  • Low heat and fire resistance

Due to the plastic nature, PVC kitchen cabinets would not resist heat or fire as well as wood kitchen cupboards would. To play it safe, install foam PVC boards, which is more heat-resistant than hollow PVC kitchen cabinets. Wood is better in this aspect, though.

  • Scratches can’t be removed

Scratched can’t be removed from PVC kitchen cabinets. If you scratch your PVC cupboard, you can’t call a company to repair the damage done. You will have no choice but to replace the whole set.

  • They eventually start sagging

While it is true that PVC kitchen cabinets are durable, they can start sagging with frequent use. They become loose, which translates into extra maintenance costs.

  • Are PVC kitchen cabinets safe?

Actually, it is safe to have PVC kitchen cabinets because they are not toxic. You will not have to worry about chemical components that could cause cancer or other diseases. PVC is safe, as it won’t wick liquids and keeps bacteria at bay.


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How long do PVC cabinets last?

As you have read, PVC kitchen cabinets can scratch easily and there’s no way to remove these stains, however, they won’t need a replacement in 15-20 years. Just remember these cabinets can’t be repaired or renovated, as opposed to their wood counterparts.


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Price of PVC cabinets

PVC kitchen cabinets can be as cheap as 0.30 euros per square foot, regardless of the PVC cupboard design. The PVC cupboard price will never be higher than the price of wood cabinets. But it is important to add that hollow kitchen cabinets are more economical than foam kitchen cupboards.

Reasons to prefer PVC cabinets over other materials

  • They are easy to clean. You can clean these cabinets with a piece of cloth or microfiber cloth without running the risk of scratching them.
  • PVC kitchen cabinets can be removed and replaced easier. If you need to change or install them somewhere else, don’t worry. They are lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Although you may need expertise for the installation, PVC kitchen cabinets are, for one, truly manageable. They are easy to handle because they are lighter than natural wood.

Final words,

So, there you have it. We put together all the top factors that make PVC kitchen cabinets a no-brainer choice. Not only are these cabinets environment-friendly, but they also come with a range of amazing designs and finishes.

These days, more than 90% of kitchens follow an eco-friendly design trend. Thus, if your home is also following this trend and you want to upgrade your old kitchen’s look without spending much money, then go for PVC kitchen cabinets!


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