Things to Consider Before Making Any Investment in Real Estate

The real estate industry is immense and gigantic. There are properties in the residential category, the commercial category, and then, the industrial category. When it comes to making an investment move, a lot of people have a lot of questions regarding making real estate a source of additional income.

Regardless of whether you live in New York, Miami, Kingston, Beirut, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Amsterdam, London, Rome, or Munich; investing in real estate has always been beneficial. Those who are living in Toronto understand the value real estate holds for them as property prices are going up in the city.

Investment in Real Estate

Toronto ranks among the most expensive real estate markets in the world. Investing in Toronto Homes For Sale is a lucrative move indeed but with prices touching the sky (especially of properties in inner-city areas). It did mix residential lots with apartment buildings to curb urban sprawl but eventually, residents moved out to outer suburbs, citing a rise in prices of homes in the inner-city areas.

Those who are investing for the first time in Toronto’s real estate can find the process overwhelming (and it is understandable), that’s where Mojo Urban Living comes in. Find the perfect property hassle-free with the right assistance. The point of the matter is that there are a lot of ways that returns on investments in real estate can be affected.

Those who make an investment move in real estate need to focus on both the potential returns and the possible losses that can occur. Proceeding with caution is key, regardless of whether people buy a home in Toronto condos, a townhouse, a farm, a mansion, an apartment, or a suburban home.

Investment in Real Estate


Things worth considering before investing in real estate

Here are some things worth considering before any Torontonian decides to invest in the city’s (and of course, the Greater Toronto Area’s) real estate:

Employment opportunities present in the area

The best place to make a real estate investment is where many people are. Also, they should determine what will be their need for buying an estate that will profit them and why should they buy that property which will not give them a profit?

A place with industries and employment opportunities is a place where a lot of people live. People live in places that are lucrative, fertile, and where they can make a good buck. Places that are dry, barren, and have no economic activity have no people there.

This is an investment and should be treated that way. Those who buy commercial or industrial real estate buy it for people and people then look for employment and busy areas to make a decent and sustainable livelihood.

Investment in Real Estate

The property’s location

If investors wish to invest in the industry to get a good return out of it, the location they choose will determine a lot for them. A lot of places are well suited for different kinds of investments. Hence, identifying a town having a busy environment is a key factor for such kind of investment.

For those who are not sure of the best location, they should seek expert advice to make the right investment move. When it comes to residential real estate, the kind of renters attracted to the property is dependent on the location they choose.

Schools, community colleges, markets, hospitals, parks, and other features, as well as proximity to them, is a factor that can never be overlooked.

Investment in Real Estate

The renting rates

Those who have purchased an income property need a monthly income. For this reason, they should take a survey and determine monthly rental rates in that location. Rents help them pay back the mortgage and it will also benefit them in many other ways.

For this to happen, the rates of rent are the key aspect. Low rents are good for renters but for property owners, they are bad as they cannot pay back the mortgage faster. If they are quite high, they will look good for property owners, but they can scare away potential renters. A place with average rent works quite well for both sides.

The area’s security

Any area having a low level of security is prone to higher levels of crime. No one would prefer living in an area having a high crime rate. With security being a critical core of human needs hierarchy, it is best to secure a location with either an ample level of security or a high level.

Considering the proximity to a local police station is best. The neighborhood’s friendliness level is a factor worth checking and the kind of people living there speak for it too. In this manner, real estate firms are thus assured that buyers will be looking for investment opportunities in such secure areas regardless of whether they are in Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto.

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The amenities present

Each suburb has numerous things renters and buyers will be searching for. Is the suburb located to any national landmark? Are there any parks, skateboard rinks, sports grounds, gyms, exercise facilities, sports clubs, pools, or other recreational spots nearby?

Also, how close are the markets, shopping centers, and shops? Everyone is looking for homes from where they do not have to travel considerably for shopping. Entertainment parks, movie theaters, and other things are also considered.

When buying any property, buyers should check the suburb/town for such amenities. There are also chances that there might be more renters than earlier thought in such areas in comparison to others. This is hence the reason renters prefer living in towns and suburbs closer to cities instead of rural areas.

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How far or near are the educational institutions?

A lot of people are looking for a place to live. Yet at the same time, they will also be thinking about their kids and their respective educational future. Some of them come with children who are already going to school and will be looking for transfers once they move to this new location for any reason suitable for them.

A suburb having educational institutions at a considerable distance is not suitable. For such a reason, it would be wise to consider a location close to universities, schools, and colleges. Some renters prefer specific kinds of schools they would want to take their children to. It is up to them to determine locations having educational institutions of their preference.

Any expansion or future development the suburb will undergo?

The best suburb should have proper plans for any development or expansion it wishes to go with. They should exhibit the kind of developments that are coming up. Some of these developments can attract renters as they wish to experience them and be a part of them too.

The area should show signs of possible growth and should not be in decline. An area that shows positive growth in positive aspects attracts buyers looking for investments worth a lifetime. A place in the early stages of gentrification is a sign that the property will appreciate quickly.

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Level of inventory

The level of inventory should be a real estate investor’s biggest consideration. They should find out if the area or suburb has had a large inventory in the past few years or so. They should check the market trends for such. It however won’t be a good idea to be in the seasonal trend while buyers are deciding on their investment.

How much are the property taxes in that suburb/area?

As always, taxes are a major determining factor for most investments to be made. They are considerations a lot of investors will be looking out for. The cost of taxation will affect investments at multiple levels.

Investors should hence check tax reviews as well as the suburb’s housing market to see whether they are reasonable or not. If there are any fluctuations in the rates, they must determine the reason for such as well.

Property Insurance

The returns on the investment are bound to be affected by additional costs and among them is insurance. This may reduce profits. However, insurance is important.

It is wise not to invest in places where insurance is not present (such as a place prone to natural disasters or flooding). However, before investing, investors should ask their insurance agent to do some research for establishing all possible risks.


Investors who are starters in the game should understand that the best investment they can make is single-family homes and condos. They offer low costs in maintenance and are easily manageable. Yet, they should consider a property having higher chances of value appreciation.


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