Things What You Should Do For Dryer Vent Cleaning

If your dryer has been giving you a lot of trouble lately! Which is evident from its improper functioning, and then consider the dryer vent cleaning? They often accumulate dirt or get clogged with a lint trap that contributes to the reduced functional capacity of your dryer.

There is no other major reason for your clothes to come out wet from the dryer, than the lint trap in your dryer vent. If not given dryer vent cleaning, the clogged dryer could give rise to a major fire hazard since it uses more than the required electrical power to complete its task. Clogged dryer vents are amongst the topmost causes why dryer fires happen each year.

If you feel that cleaning your dryer vent is delayed or not an option for professional cleaning services? That is saving your money, then you are wrong. In fact, the dysfunctional dryer vent takes up more energy and adds a lot to the cost of your utility bills. To save your money and protect yourself from a fire disaster, clean your dryer vent frequently or go for professional cleaning assistance for better results.


Dryer Vent Cleaning


Why you should have your dryer vents cleaned?

A fire hazard or a complete breakdown of your machinery is just waiting around the corner if you do not take the cleaning of your dryer vents seriously. A lot of dryer fires take place each year causing major damage to the property and the life of individuals. Blocked dryer vents due to various reasons why a machine runs into such major trouble.

Simple and timely dryer vent cleaning can do more than you can imagine. And will surely save you & your family from major losses in the future. Even if we do not consider the risk of fire, dryer vents are still capable of damaging in some way. Since the dirty vents give out harmful gases and inhaling them can cause different allergies and respiratory issues.

The task of cleaning your dryer vent is plain boring. But overlooking its importance is only going to cause trouble. On the other hand, cleaning the dryer vents has a lot of benefits including the reduced cost of repair, cleaner air, and efficacious functions of the dryer.

Here is how you clean your dryer vents:

Follow the steps listed here to clean the dryer vents on your own for the better efficiency of your machine.

  • At first, understand the structure of your vents to formulate a cleaning plan. Dryer vents have a 4-5 inches exhaust at their back that attaches them to the air ducts with an L-shaped aluminum pipe.
  • Once you have located the vents, turn off or unplug the dryer completely and carefully pull out the dryer vent pipe. If you cannot pull it out without damaging it, call a professional.
  • Get dry vents cleaning kit that has a lint brush and other tools for cleaning the dryer vents effectively? Make sure to buy a kit that matches the length and size of your dryer vents. However, you do not have to be specific as normal brushes would do the task.
  • Besides cleaning the vents, push the brush deep into the ducting as well. The brush should aid in cleaning out the lint that has gotten a strong grip over the ducting and dryer vents.
  • Use a vacuum to clear off all the lint that comes your way. Clean the dryer vent opening on both sides of the hose until you see no dirt or lint remaining in the dryer vents.
  • After the cleaning is done, get all the dryer vents part together and plug the dryer back into its place. Before reconnecting the dryer vent, make sure to leave no place for gas leakage. As bad connectivity can cause a major problem in the future.


A pro tip:

To avoid further accumulation of dirt and lint trap, make certain to take out the lint trap every time you use the dryer. Also, reduce the number of dryer sheets used on the vents. These sheets can block your dryer’s filter. That is specifically designed to clean the lint trap. If possible, do not let heavy bed materials and sheets to dry in the dryer. This puts more loads on the dryer and increases the energy units.

You can clean your dryer vent on your own by following the method mentioned here. But going for the services of professional workmen from a top-notch company is sure to provide effective cleaning and restore the functions of your dryer. Blue Cloud AC Repair offers the finest quality services for dryer vent cleaning.

If you cannot get satisfaction from the cleaning done by yourself? Opt for our dryer vent cleaning. Our professional cleaners will give you the best cleaning assistance and advice. Also, assist regarding the prevention of lint traps or dirt from residing in the dryer vents.


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