Things You Must Consider Before Painting Your Home

Last updated on February 17th, 2023

One of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home is by giving it a fresh coat of paint – which means you should know when you should consider house painting. Although bear in mind that your exterior will have a different time frame and needs than your interior. Giving your interior a repaint do-over is an excellent idea, no matter the reason. If you are in the market for selling, it will improve your curb appeal and potentially get you a better price for your house. If you are simply house proud, that’s ok too. The same applies to your exterior paint job. Here are some important things to consider before painting your home.


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Factors to Consider for Interior House Painting

Most of the paints today have additives and various levels of hardness and durability, so they are likely to last longer. Normal wear and tear is a factor for when you will need to repaint. Proper preparation before painting is also a factor. On average, you can go 5-10 years before you may need to repaint.

That being said, each room will have slightly different timelines based on their use. For example, hallways are generally high traffic areas. The proper paint, like chalk paint, eggshell or semi-gloss, will be durable and easy to clean. So, if you stay on top of wiping away scuffs and surface dirt, you shouldn’t need to repaint for at least 5 years. At that point, you might only need to do some spot work and repair corner dents and dings.


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Living and dining rooms are places for entertainment and often see traffic, but not so much to drastically affect the walls. Your dining room isn’t likely to need to be repainted for approximately 5-7 years. The same goes for your living room, although if it is a much used and loved family space (especially with smaller children), that timeline will shorten.

Adult bedrooms are used less frequently than children’s rooms;s ame for guest bedrooms. Unless you are sick of your color and want to update it, you shouldn’t need to repaint for up to 10 years. For a child’s bedroom, look at repainting every 2-3 years. Use a durable paint that is easy to clean. Understand that kids are hard on things – walls included. They throw, they color, they bump, they crash, they wipe…they can be chaos. This will all be reflected on their walls.

Spaces like a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room should be repainted every 3-4 years. High traffic, moisture, food, dirt, germs – repainting will help to minimize mold, mildew, and infestation issues.


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Factors to Consider for Exterior House Painting

One of the biggest factors that can have an impact on how often you will need to repaint your home is the weather. Depending on where you live, the environment can wreak havoc on your paint job. Constant sun exposure, high winds, harsh winters, sand storms – these can all impact how long your paint job will last.

Do some research, or even better, consult with a paint professional, to help you determine how the weather in your area may impact your home. When it is time to paint, look ahead at your weather forecast to find out when will work best. Optimal seasons are generally spring or fall, where temperatures are relatively cool. Paint dries best in dry, mild weather (10-25C), with little wind.


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Inspect the exterior for any damage or work that needs to be done before painting. If you recently purchased the house, the previous paint job may not have been done well. Also look for dampness, rot, mold or mildew, infestation, chalkiness, etc. and treat these issues promptly. Caulk and seal any cracks or noticeable leaks around windows, chimneys, etc.

When it is time, do it right. Prepare everything the right way and save yourself from headaches and more costs down the road. If it has been raining or you had to wash your siding, make sure your house has a few days to dry completely before you get started.

General timelines for painting your house’s exterior (assuming it was done properly):

  • Brick: 15-20 years
  • Aluminum: 5 years
  • Wood: 5-7 years
  • Any new-material siding: 10-15 years

Remember that these are general timelines based on relatively normal weather.


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Remember: These are General Timelines for Painting Your House

Repainting your home should always be part of your home maintenance plan. Maintaining the interior and exterior sends a message that your house is well cared for. Doing this will help you stay on top of other issues that may need immediate attention. So, take care of your home and regularly inspect whether it is time to do some house painting.



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