Things You Need To Know Before Hiring a Skip

Skips come in all sizes, and whether you need them for your home or a construction site, there is always one that is just right. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what the purpose of a skip is, and they tend to shy away from it because there is an idea that it is only meant for the construction or standing below the fire escape below the apartment blocks in New York. However, you can use them for many things, and if you have a small business that you are operating from home, you might want to consider hiring a skip to save you constant trips to the refuse area. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before hiring a skip:


Hiring the right skip

It wouldn’t matter what the business is that you are trading in, but if you decide to get a skip to make your life easier, then you would consider the following:

  • Look for a company that hires skips to all businesses and that has a high online rating. The higher the rating, the better their engagement with their customers. Look for lots of comments or reviews of their products because they provide an excellent service to the public and people would like to let others know about that.
  • Look for companies that allow you to make online bookings and inquiries about every detail you need. Think about the silliest questions, and if they are willing to help you, you should consider them viable. You might not be aware of all the things you are planning on throwing away, but they would be able to assist you by telling you what your needs might be, saving you time and money. The more information they are willing to give you before you have hired anything, the better.
  • Once you have found the right company and the right size skip that you want to use, ask the hiring company to assist you with the right place to put the skip so that it is easy to access, but not in the way of anyone who needs to pass it or needs to access anything else around it.
  • Check for the exact schedule that they will be collecting, and if one can be worked out for you, that is convenient, so you do not have an overflow of rubbish on the premises. It would also be suitable for them to collect even if you are not available and access the site or the property. Do a background check on the places where they dispose of their waste, so you are using a company that takes care of your waste and takes care of the environment. You would not want to be involved with a company that does not take care of the environment or disposes of their waste safely because it will be a bad reflection on your company, and you will look reckless and irresponsible.
  • Ensure that the rubbish you are planning to throw away can go into the skip you have hired. Ask for a direct description of the items that you are allowed to throw into the skip before hiring and disposing of anything that could be a biohazard. For example, you can not throw away medical waste, batteries, acid, asbestos, or other corrosive chemicals. It will need to be disposed of privately or separately from a specific disposal company.
  • Once you no longer need the skip, you will need to return it to the company. If you are only using it for the weekend and don’t need it for longer than two days, ask the skip hiring company about their hiring policies. Do not have an empty skip standing on your lot or in your yard are not using. If they operate seven days a week, then you should be able to return it as soon as it is filled for the last time.


The points mentioned above are just a guide to making sure that you get the most out of your skip hiring experience. If you’re still uncertain about what you need to hire a skip for or hiring the correct skip, click here and go through a few options of what would work for you before you settle on a rental service.

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