Things You Should Know Before Buying a Motorized TV Mount

TV mounts have great advantages. For this reason, it is not surprising that more and more people opt for a motorized TV mount for their homes. This type of bracket is an excellent option, considering that it is space-saving no matter where it is installed. They are totally valid for televisions of all inches, regardless if they are flat or curved.

The installation of motorized TV stands is useful in the design of rooms and when the space is limited. Besides, they are multifunctional. Another advantage of these brackets is that they have a remote control, which makes it easier to change the viewing distance and position. Below are the advantages and tips for buying a motorized TV mount.


Facts You Should Know Before Buying a Motorized TV Mount



The best advantage of a motorized TV mount lies in the fact that it is space-saving. You eliminate the need for a table or furniture piece to mount the TV, which can be quite important in small buildings. Motorized stands can also be decorative and are truthfully flexible.

With this accessory, you can choose the exact position on the wall to put the TV. The installation is not affected by the size, as the wall will be always big enough. Therefore, you can install a TV of any size wherever you want.


Motorized TV mounts are typically compatible with a multitude of televisions and drywall, and come with lots of accessories like screws and drywall plugs.

TVs use an installation method called VESA. This name is the acronym for the Video Electronics Standards Association. By following these patterns, you know what TV mount is best.

VESA relates to the configuration of the 4 holes on the back of a TV

What to look for in a motorized TV mount

Before deciding whether to buy this bracket, take notes of the following factors:

  • TV VESA Compatibility
  • Wall thickness
  • Front/side viewing angle
  • Do you usually rotate or tilt the TV?
  • Do you want the cables behind a grommet in an articulated arm?

If you are clear about these issues, you can indulge in this investment. Just remember the motorized TV mount kit features the necessary elements for the installation.

Placement of a motorized TV support

Not all is about screen size and weight. A basic factor when investing in a motorized TV mount is the mounting place and location. Some mounting systems seem to embed the TV in the wall, while others are designed for corner installations.

Also, think about an extensible arm to change the viewing angle or rotate the TV.


Installing a motorized TV stand is very simple and straightforward. Just remember to be patient and measure perfectly before you drill holes in the wall.

Of course, due to the size of current televisions, carry out the installation with two people to simplify the work and avoid shortcomings.

Generally, you may need the following:

  • Pencil or marker
  • Automatic drill
  • Tape measure
  • Drill bits that match your wall style
  • Suitable plugs ´
  • Screwdriver
  • Motorized TV mount

Final thoughts

Due to their stability, strength, and trustworthiness, motorized TV mounts are sold like hotcakes.  They come with everything for proper installation and are compatible with the VESA standard.


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