Things You Should Never Do in a Rented Property

Most lease agreements detail precisely what a tenant is allowed to do and can’t do, but some tenants don’t pay attention to the fine print. To avoid paying heavy fines and going through tiring legal matters, below is a list of six things you should never do in a rented property.


Changing the locks

You may want to change the lock on your rental home for security reasons, but don’t ever tamper with the latches without speaking with the landlord first. This is because changing the locks may contravene the owner’s rights.

If you happen to go on vacation for instance, and one of your neighbors sees water seeping through the door of your house. Legally the landlord is permitted to go inside the premises to monitor the situation.

A good idea is to get permission to change the lock, but you would have to give the spare key to the landlord. Even the best residential property management companies in toronto will reiterate this.

Dont remove any plantings and trees

There’s nothing amiss by placing your stamp on a property you are renting. But landscape features like shrubs and trees are seen as part of the property. This means tenants are not allowed to remove them without permission. If you do take out the plantings, the owner may have a legal right to claim property defacement and open a case to sue you for the damages caused.


Things You Should Never Do in a Rented Property


All landlords have varied rules for painting. While some tenants are encouraged to paint their walls with a fresh new color other tenants are not permitted to do that. Make sure you always seek permission before your paint a new cost in the exterior or interior. Also, get your chosen color scheme approved too.

Dont sublet the rental property 

If you plan to leave before the tenure of your lease runs out, you might look at subletting the rental property to someone else. Although you may have a good reason, the landlord has strict measures for vetting tenants and chances are he/she may not agree to this arrangement.

Subletting without consent, makes you breach the lease agreement and will also make you responsible for any property damage that occurs.

Dont sneak animals in

Most lease agreements don’t allow cats, dogs, or any furry friends. So trying to sneak one in can cause you to breach the lease agreement which can lead you to be evicted. If you are hunting for a new property to rent consider searching for houses that also allow animals onto their premises.

Allow other people to live in the house

Landlords are not allowed to restrict the number of people living in a rented property based on discriminatory elements, like familial status or race.

But they certainly can limit occupants based on local ordinances. For instance, if the law establishes that the maximum safety occupancy of a rental property is 7 people, the property owner has the legal right to enforce those restrictions.

Guests who come through and visit are an exception though but you will need to tell the landlord about any visitors and their expected length of stay.

The bottom line, if you want to be a reputable tenant, you must follow rental rules and leave no traces.

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