This Is How to Deep Clean a Bathroom the Right Way

Deep cleaning your bathroom is an essential step to keeping your family and your home healthy. Because bathrooms are a high-humidity room in the house, they can easily grow mold and mildew, which isn’t good for health. The bathroom is also used every day multiple times throughout the day by everyone in the home.

That’s a lot of foot traffic! A lot of foot traffic means a higher risk of germs and bacteria. Cleaning the bathroom regularly will help keep germs away.

You know how to conduct regular bathroom cleaning, but do you know how to deep clean a bathroom? Deep cleaning a bathroom is much more than wiping down the surfaces. To deep clean a home bathroom, you must address every corner and inch of the room.

It might seem like a lot of work, but with this guide, you can easily check items off the list as you go to ensure nothing’s forgotten. Continue reading below for our list of bathroom cleaning tips to conduct a deep clean!


Clean Your Exhaust Fans and Dust

It’s never a bad idea to start at the top and work your way down while cleaning. If your bathroom has an exhaust fan, then the first thing you want to do is dust it. A dirty exhaust fan will spread dust throughout the bathroom and won’t reduce moisture as it should.

You can use an air compressor to remove the dust or vacuum it with a vacuum hose attachment. You can wipe it down when done to remove any leftover dust.


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Scrub the Walls 

Now you’ll want to scrub the walls. Although the walls might appear clean, consider all the times you used hair spray or other hair and makeup products. There’s a good chance your walls are covered in them.

The walls can also hold dust, which you’ll want to remove. Start by using a duster to dust the ceilings, light fixtures, and then the walls. Then, use a small amount of shampoo and water and scrub your walls to remove any caked-on products.

For wallpaper, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and dab the problem areas. Test it out first to ensure it won’t cause the wallpaper color to change.

Get the Mirrors Spotless

Now it’s time to move on to the mirrors. Dust all of your mirrors first to get a better streak-free shine at the end. Spray them from top to bottom with a glass cleaner.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe them dry.


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Make the Sink and Faucet Shine

If your faucet and sink suffer from mineral buildup, then you can use an old toothbrush dipped in baking soda to scrub them clean. If there’s tough limescale, then you can place a paper towel soaked in white vinegar over the problem area. You’ll let it soak for an hour before scrubbing.

Any marble or granite countertops should be protected by covering them with plastic wrap first. To prevent more water spots from appearing on your faucet and sink, considering wiping them with a damp dryer sheet. This trick should help keep them spot-free longer.

Sink drains should be cleaned at least once a month. Running a snake down the drain can help clear hair and other buildups.

Tackle the Toilet Effectively 

No one wants to tackle the toilet, but it must be done and should be done effectively. Start by removing any dust, hair, and dirt from on and around the toilet. This includes the very bottom where the toilet meets the floor as well.

Removing dust before cleaning will help you clean more effectively and simplifies the process. Next, remove the toilet seat and clean around the area where it’s normally snapped into place. To clean the toilet bowl well, shut the water supply off.

Flush the toilet to remove water from the bowl. Clean using scouring powder and scrub brush or any other toilet-cleaning product you like. Turn the water back on and flush again to rinse it clean.

Spray the entire toilet with the cleaner of your choice and wipe it down.


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Remove Buildup in the Shower/Tub

To clean your showerhead, remove it and soak it in equal parts warm soapy water and white vinegar. After an hour, remove it and scrub it clean. Rinse before reattaching it.

Mold and mildew can be tackled by placing a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and then placing it over the problem area to soak overnight. You can also use hydrogen peroxide as well. If the caulking has mold and mildew on it, then the best solution is to remove and replace the caulking.

This is fairly inexpensive and easy to do. You can wash glass shower doors with a damp dryer sheet. This will help remove water spots.

To ensure you get all the shower tiles clean, this guide can help. Shower curtains should be able to go in the washer machine on a gentle cycle using regular laundry detergent. Hang to dry.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom Floors

You’re almost done! The last step to obtaining a deep-cleaned bathroom is cleaning the bathroom floors. Dust and vacuum the floors and baseboards.

Then, mop the floors clean. Consider cleaning the area behind the toilet by hand, since the mop might not be able to get back there fully. A scrub brush should get the job done and you can then go behind it with the mop.


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Stay on Top of How to Deep Clean a Bathroom

When you stay on top of how to deep clean a bathroom, you can expect it to stay cleaner longer. To help maintain a clean bathroom, allow the exhaust fan to run for about 15 minutes after every bath or shower.

Faucets, counters, and toilets should also be wiped down daily using an antibacterial wipe.

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