This Is How Window Films Can Improve Home Security

The $10.59 billion window film industry continues to grow rapidly as more people embrace eco-friendly home improvements.

Window films can help keep the interiors of your home comfortable year-round, helping reduce your reliance on electrical air-conditioners. Yet, there’s another reason why installing residential window film is a good option for every homeowner.

Here’s how it can enhance the safety and security of your home.


Residential Window Tint Screens You From Criminals

The UV protection afforded by window film for homes also obscures the views inside your home from the outside. This helps deter crime in two ways:

Decreased Temptation

Window tints prevent criminals from getting a clear view of what’s up for grabs inside your home. This means they’re going in blind when they enter your home.

They’ve no idea which rooms to search first, or even if there’s anything worth stealing inside the house.

Increased Uncertainty

Criminals can’t track your movements through tinted glass or keep an eye on your usual routine. They never know if there’s anyone at home, or if there’s a large dog on the other side of the window they’re about to enter.


This Is How Window Films Can Improve Home Security


Tinted Windows Are Shatterproof

Security window film comprises thicker polyester sheets and stronger glue than decorative film does. The window glass sticks to this sheet, even if it breaks.

In this way, window film acts like a safety net against flying shattered glass, protecting your home and everyone in it from cuts and scratches.

If a branch, ball, or other object strikes your window and breaks it, the film holds the pieces together in the window frame. High winds, hail, and driving rain can also break windows during the storm season.

When a window shatters, it can send small shards of glass all over your room, posing a risk to pets and people. It’s extremely time-consuming to clean up all this glass, and you’ll never know if you got every last piece.

Window film keeps the glass in one place, keeping your family safe, and your house free of dangerous glass shards.

Tinted Windows Delay Burglars

Due to its shatterproof characteristics, it’s a lot harder to gain entry into a home via glass treated with window film.

Firstly, it takes longer to crack the window. Once the home invader has achieved this, they still have to make their way through the layers holding the glass together.

This is frustrating for these criminals and can cause them to abandon their attempts. At the very least, the delay may give you enough time to call the police, or it could alert your dog to the presence of an invader.

Window Films Are Failsafe

Guard dogs do doze off, criminals can poison them, or lock them in another room, while security alarms and cameras might stop working during a power outage.

Window film protects your home around the clock, no matter what.

Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic

Window films aren’t an obvious, and often unattractive, way to boost your home’s security, like security bars, are. In many cases, they’ll enhance your home’s appearance more than detract from it.

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