Three days trip to Los Angeles


Pre-trip preparation

1. What do I need to do before the trip?

  • Airline tickets: from the domestic departure of friends, you can pay attention to the various websites in advance of one to two months of airline ticket information, so it is easier to buy the right price of tickets. If you need a travel visa, go visit
  • Mobile phone card: a treasure to buy a good cell phone card, ink small fish recommended AT&T’s cell phone card, whether it is network speed or signal, are good (a treasure for sale).

2. Where to stay cheap and convenient?

The hotel in this part of Los Angeles, if the hotel is close to the central subway station, the cost is still quite high. If you want to choose a more cost-effective place to stay, there are two places to recommend: one is the Koreatown area, one is the Chinatown area, two places are not particularly far apart.

The two places are not particularly far apart. Inkfish lived in Korea Town, and there is a bus stop not far from there, so you can go to the nearby subway station and take the subway after a few stops.

3. What are the essential apps for cell phones?

  • Maps: First of all, the necessary must be Google Maps, under Google, to ensure that not lost. For example, the first stop of your destination is Los Angeles, you can also download a good offline map in advance.
  • Taxi: taxi tools preferred Uber, in the United States also used Left, although sometimes cheaper than Uber, but no Uber has a reputation guarantee, remember that once the driver has taken the order, the results turned around and did not find us, canceled the order and left, leaving the ink small fish can only be messy in the wind, only to re-play the car.
  • Restaurants: If you don’t know how to find a good restaurant for dinner, you can download Yelp. it’s easy to see the nearby restaurants and reviews. Of course, to go to the United States fast-food restaurants, try the most authentic cheeseburger is also a good choice.
  • Accommodation: For hotel booking apps, Inkfish recommends, which is convenient and easy to use, with many choices of places to stay and detailed reviews.


wda trip to Los Angeles



Day 1:Stay and settle + Griffith Observatory

The airport bus is very easy to find, after leaving the airport, follow the instructions can be. There are many stop signs in front of each door, and the different lines are distinguished by different colors, so it is easy to identify.

Here is a point to remind you: when you are in Union Station, you need to buy a metro card in the vending machine, and then you can directly deposit money into the card for the next few days.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is one of the world’s most famous astronomical observatories. Standing at the observatory, you can see the whole Los Angeles in your eyes, and you can also see the Hollywood sign from afar.

Inside the observatory there are many exhibitions to visit, and two special performances, well worth seeing, especially the full-screen set, feeling completely lying in nature, listening to the narrative of how the universe is formed, students, you can also play half price, and domestic unlike, here do not need to show student ID, as long as you and the ticketing staff said you are a student, you can five knife to buy tickets!


Three days trip to Los Angeles


Day 2: The whole day should be dedicated to Hollywood, of course!

If you go to Los Angeles, you must go to Hollywood! And be sure to set aside a full day, otherwise, you will not enjoy it!

It is recommended to download a Universal Studios Hollywood app before the tour, the app can help you see the entire studio each place need to queue, and the panoramic map, of course, the entrance will also provide a paper version of the map, both in English, very intimate!

The entire Hollywood Studios is divided into several themes: Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Transformers, The Simpsons, Little Yellow Men, The Walking Dead, Kung Fu Panda, etc. The most important thing is that there is also a trip to Universal Studios, which takes you to explore the mysteries of the entire movie world.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then certainly like the ink small fish willing to stay inside the whole day do not want to come out, inside the real restoration of 9 and 1/4 stations, and the entire Hogwarts village, through the village arrived at Hogwarts Castle.


Three days trip to Los Angeles


Day 3 Los Angeles 360 ° panoramic playing card

The third day is reserved for city walk, if you want to visit more places, you can choose car rental service online in advance. After all, Los Angeles is a big city of traffic jams, want to go to several places a day, or rent a car more convenient.

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