Through the Keyhole: Discover Living Rooms from Around the World

Last updated on August 1st, 2021

Across the world, no matter the culture or country, the concept of home has always been important. And for many of us, the heartbeat of the home is the living room. It’s the place we gather with family, catch up with friends, and of course relax in front of the TV.

In fact, Over the last few months we may have become more affiliated with our living spaces than ever before, and the versatility they have to offer. For some of us, the lounge is now doubling as an office, a school, and even a work-out station. But how do the living rooms from around the world differ? What are the key aspects, and how similar are we when it comes to our interior design choices and how we utilize the most important space in the home?

The guys at Barratt Homes have commissioned a study where 12 people from across the globe have opened their doors to offer a virtual tour of their living spaces and what makes them special.

London, UK

Erica has really made this space her own. Ditching the uninspired white walls to create a collage of colorful framed art prints to bring out her own unique style and personality.


Living Rooms from Around the World


Clifton Springs, Australia 

Helen and her partner have opted for a light and airy feel perfect for the hot summer months, whilst also complementing the open plan-style of their home.


Living Rooms from Around the World


Quezon City, Philippines 

Anjen’s home has many nods and influences to her family’s Filipino traditions, with an impressive ornament collection and an abundance of art adorning the walls.


Living Rooms from Around the World

Chiangmai, Thailand

Peter built his cabin himself in the Thai jungle. The naturalistic look of the brown bamboo blends right in with his lush surroundings, whilst also offering plenty of natural light.


Living Rooms from Around the World


Isle of Skye, UK 

Jenny’s Scottish home oozes calm, with neutral colors complimenting the wood-burner center-piece which forms the backdrop to many cozy winter nights.


Living Rooms from Around the World


Hawaii, USA 

Taylor’s home uses modern styling to create an inviting space, whilst also providing the perfect environment to watch a film with an in-home theatre system.


hawaii0 Living Rooms from Around the World


New York, USA

Conrad’s monochromatic style is sleek and inviting, with the treasure chest coffee table adding an industrial touch and a nod to his love of traveling.


ny1 Living Rooms from Around the World



Stockholm, Sweden

Anna’s flat has perfected the Scandi style and feel, with the neutral color scheme and wooden furniture providing a bright and airy feel.


swe5 Living Rooms from Around the World



Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Aloyna uses soft and natural colors to reflect her love of the natural world. The armchairs are positioned close to the fire where they love spending the winter evenings with their dog.


ukr1 Living Rooms from Around the World


Kumanovo, Macedonia 

Alex uses pastel colors and a minimalistic approach, opting for a few plants and some accent chairs over a lot of personal touches.


mace0 Living Rooms from Around the World


Dhaka, Bangladesh 

George’s flat has dashes of his personality throughout the room, with a number of family photographs on the walls and an impressive aquarium.


bang1 Living Rooms from Around the World


Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Kristina has made the most of her space, using light colors to make the space feel bigger. A number of decorations that line the TV unit also remind her of her travels.


bosnia0 Living Rooms from Around the World


To discover these living rooms from around the world in-depth, click here to view the piece in full, along with more photos.

Each of these 12 rooms all has nods to hobbies, family life, and local traditions. The occupiers have adapted their home to tell the story of their location and environment, and can hopefully provide some inspiration for those of us who are planning an update to our living spaces in the coming months.


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