Tick-transmitted Virus A Concern In CT: Protect Your Home From It

According to the state Department of Public Health, the cases of tick-transmitted virus (Powassan virus) are rapidly increasing. From mere 85 cases in 2009 to the highest recorded 324 cases in 2019, this virus became a health threat in Connecticut (CT).

Moreover, it is only one type of tick-borne disease. Besides that, there is Lyme disease (most common and widely spread), spotted fever, rash illness, ehrlichiosis, and babesiosis. As a matter of fact, every year, more than 300,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported in the country. Therefore, protecting your house from this disease needs to be your top priority.

But, how can you protect your home? Keep reading to find out!


Create a tick-free zone

First things first, you need to restrict the entry of ticks in your house. For that, you need to ensure that the house’s inner area is well-maintained. The well-sheared grass and trimmed lawns will help in keeping the ticks away from home. Moreover, you can install a wooden fence to help protect your garden.

Usually, ticks get Lyme disease from mice. Thus, you need to remove any mouse habitat in your garden or house. You can also remove wood or rock piles as mice also live and breed there.

Do a tick check

Whenever you go out or come home, make sure to do a tick check. The longer they stay on the body, the higher are the chances of getting diseases. Therefore, you need to take a shower every day. Check behind the knees, under armpits and on the scalp. If you have kids, inspect their bodies on a daily basis for ticks.

In addition to this, you need to ensure that any tick has not entered the house. It could be quite challenging. Therefore, you should get pest control before the beginning of every season, especially in spring and summer. It’ll ensure that your house is safe and no insect is hidden in any small, dry, or damp place.

Wear protective clothing

Whenever you or your family go out of the safety of your house, make sure that they are wearing long sleeves and long pants. Moreover, it would be better to cover your feet to avoid bites. If it’s possible, don’t be barefoot even inside the house; wear socks instead. Also, you should use insect and mosquito repellent on the body whenever going out. Once you return back home, take a shower immediately. It will help in washing off ticks that might have gotten onto you.

Note: Before using any insect repellent on your kids, read the description carefully. Not every repellent can be used on the kids. It would be better to take recommendations from the doctor.

Be safe when leaving the house

Last but not least, whenever you are going out, you need to stay safe. Don’t go in woody or overgrown areas. If you plan on hiking, make sure that you are not alone and have repellent with you. Also, in case of lick bites, you remove it immediately with tweezers and seek medical help.

Give the same instructions to your kids as well.


To conclude

The case of the tick-borne virus is on the constant rise in CT. Therefore, you can not take any chances. Make sure to follow the measures given above and help protect your family and home.


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