Time to Update? 5 Things to Consider When Fitting Windows to Your Home

What better way to start the summer season than to pick your next big home renovation project? Whether a total beginner or a seasoned pro, it never hurts to collect tips to make fitting your windows a trouble-free experience. You can start with the bedroom windows, or put in your dream bay windows!

Maybe you weren’t thrilled with the estimates you’ve received from professional installers, or maybe you just want to challenge yourself, either way, you want to have a solid idea of both your desires and your skill level, and replacing windows is not something you want to rush into! You want a plan, and a solid set of tips to start from! Keep reading for five things you need to consider when fitting windows for your home!


1. Functions

Make sure that whatever style you pick functions right for what you want! Know if you need to also install storm windows, especially in storm-prone areas. Do these windows double as sliding doors for your patio, or are they simply decorative? Always make sure you have the measurements for your entire window assemble and not just the frames!

2. Efficiency

Bad window installs, or even just the wrong windows can cost you a fortune with extra heating and cooling costs! It might be a good idea for you to install double-pane windows to keep the cold in or out. Depending on where you live, triple might even fit the bill!

3. A Good Fit

Have the right sizes for your windows. The wrong measurements cost you time and money, not to mention make any errors exponentially harder to fix. Getting them right the first time is the only way to go, so measure as many times as you need to feel comfortable!

4. Safety Codes

Safety is everyone’s job. Just because you’re set to DIY your new window installation is no excuse to skimp on safety. Check with your local government, or even OSHA to get in touch with the proper people to stay safe!

5. Talk to Professionals

At the end of the day, your first step when getting new replacement windows should be speaking with a professional installer. If their estimate is prohibitively high, there’s nothing that says you need to work with them. In fact, the best part about getting estimates is you can work with whomever you want!

But talking to professionals is going to give you the leg up on a lot of the information you need to know when installing new windows. It should always be your first stop after checking with the appropriate safety agencies! Who knows, it might end up saving you money.

Fitting Windows

Replacing your own windows over the summer can be a rewarding project or be a certified nightmare! Make sure you check with your local safety agencies and a reputable local professional you can trust so you can do it right!

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