Tips for Hosting a Luxury Wedding Reception at Home

Choosing a wedding or reception venue is one of the most important parts of planning for a wedding.

While most people think about large open spaces when planning a wedding or reception, others prefer their home as their reception venue for various reasons. For example, it is cheaper, creates a relaxed and intimate feeling for you and your guests, and it becomes quite easy to personalize your reception. 

Like other receptions, planning a home reception can be time-consuming, so you will need to put some effort into pulling it off. But worry not, as here are some tips for planning a luxury reception at home. 


Survey You Space

Unless you only plan to host parents from both sides and a bunch of friends, you will need quite some space for your reception. So you will have to survey your home to get an idea of the number of guests it can hold. 

If your space is too small, but you still want to hold your reception there, you may need to limit your invites, or a home reception may not be an option. If you have ample space, you still want to look at its usability. 

For example, if you are looking to hold your reception in your backyard, you must ensure the ground is even and relatively solid. If you have a large living space in which you plan to hold the reception, you will want to consider what to remove to create space for your guests.


Tips for Hosting a Luxury Wedding Reception at Home



Restrooms may not be on top of your mind when planning a home reception, but they should be. If you are hosting many guests, you will have quite some traffic in the restroom area. Since most restrooms are usually connected to bedrooms, having guests use them would compromise your privacy. 

The best option would be to hire portable restrooms. You are probably thinking about ordinary portable toilets, which can be the antithesis of luxury. There are better options if you want everything to look luxurious. 

You can hire luxury restroom trailers that come with all the trappings of luxury, such as air conditioning, fragrances, multiple stalls, and cleaners on standby to ensure that your wedding restrooms stay the cleanest at all times.


Tips for Hosting a Luxury Wedding Reception at Home


Have a Guest Book

A significant part of planning a wedding or a reception is choosing the people you want to be at your occasion. You have probably been to a luxury wedding reception or party and had to record your attendance in a guest book. 

If you have, you will agree that it made you feel important. Also, it is an excellent way of maintaining a record of who was in attendance if you want to send thank you messages to your guests after your wedding. 

Even though there are many guest books in the market, not all options suit the couple and their celebrants. Therefore, you may want to consider the Mixbook guestbook if you want a keepsake to look back on for years to come. 

Tips for Hosting a Luxury Wedding Reception at Home


Hire a Professional Planner

If you plan to have a luxury reception, DIY planning may not be the best option. Instead, hire a professional event planner. The good thing about hiring a planner is you only need to take them through what you want, including giving them a tour of your home, and you can leave the rest to them. 

You will also need to let them know your budget so that they can make plans based on what you have. If you have no idea how much is enough, they can help you create one based on the level of luxury you want.

An event planner’s charges can vary based on their experience and the nature of your event. But every dollar is worth it because they help ensure that everything goes to plan and you get what you wished for without getting bogged down with planning.

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